Monday, December 10, 2007


RJ very sweetly tagged me. (btw, i really like her url).

The rules are:

1.Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2.Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4.Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Actually, the reason this tag took so long is that, there aren't perhaps 7 interesting things that i cld think up. So lets see how many come up:

1. I ADORE Hrithik Roshan. Straight 15 years get shelved off my choronological age the minute i see a poster or a picture or a film.

2. An addicted reader.

3. I do not use leather, wood, pearls or silk. The reasons will come up in another post very soon. I've been thinking of writing that post for a long time.

4. My poison is chocolate.

5. Favorite lullaby to put myself to sleep is Palkon pe chalte chalte from the movie Daayra, and my favorite lullaby for Ishaan(thats my son) is Sapno ke ghar ki... from the film Daddy.

6. Of all the things I can do(and that is an immodest,pompous list), there is only one thing that I admit to doing really well - Graphology.

7. I can eat raw bitter gourd.

Am tagging the first 7 visitors to this blog.

And the following people:
Phosgene Kid
Aurora Sky (I must change the text on the link here)

i.e., a total of 14 people tagged.

Happy Tagging people!


RJ said...

Great job! Waiting for the complete list. Also curious to know your reasons for not using leather, wood, pearl, silk. I prefer not to use leather, silk but I use it any ways. My reason is because leather is an animal product.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I could pet a cow while wearing a leather coat and eating a cheeseburger. Number 1 unwritten rule of nature: Life is short if you taste good.

Chiya said...

SInce it appears that i am the third visitor i will take up this tag.

Swati said...

No silk and pearl :(

Z said...

Hmm...let's think...

dharmabum said...

thank you, HDWK, but i think i'm not going to do this. reason being this random fact kinda thing i have already done. care to read - pls go to the tags section of my blog - and click on tag - it should turn up :)

#3 - i can sort of understand. i did it too - as a little boy. then gave it up. talk about growing up and its disadvantages.

#6 - when i come to dilli next, i have two reasons to come down -
1 - khaana
2 - handwriting analysis.

will the bum be entertained? :P

Madhuri Shinde said...

Interesting list. No pearl???? I love them in all shapes, sizes and colors. Would like to know ur reason.

dharmabum said...

ok, so i thought i'll help u find them i've already done...


thank you!

How do we know said...

Hi RJ: Thanks. have completed the post now. MOre on that explanation in a post that will hopefully be around soon.

Hi PG: umm...err....what do i say?!! but can't dispute that..trouble is,no matter how bad u taste, there will be someone who likes ur taste. But u got the reasons all right!

hi chiya: Am waiting for u to do this tag. Since u decided to do it as the third visitor, did not tag u separately, so am really glad u took it up!

hi Swati: Yep. :-) the only other person who did this :-( was my MIL at our wedding. She could not buy anything for me!

Hi Z: :-) will wait.

Hi Dharma: Thanks a ton! read both the posts.. wonderful!
Re. graphology, sure u will be entertained. :-)

Hi Madhuri: Talk about loving them! I have an enviable collection from the time when i did not know enough, and god knows i miss wearing it.

mathew said...

eating raw bitter gourd!! :-o
cant even think of doin it..but i love it fried...

thanks for the tag btw..i ll take it some time soon..

Z said...

Done it!

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