Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is a Blog protest movement effective at all?

Really.. what did we achieve by fighting the reservation battle in cyberspace on blogs? Did Dr. Manmohan Singh or MADAM so much as raise a brow on our all consuming blog protests?

Is blog protesting worth it? Another worthless question, i know.. but I ask nonetheless.. Is there a point to all this? ? To using blogs to protest ?


Wriju said...

The blog as a medium of general public awareness and information is still in it's infancy ... What percentage of the population actually blogs?
Besides the reservation question perhaps had as many supporters as detracters..

The true power of blogs is probably felt in the corporate side now where the consumers are more likely to be influenced by it. For instance wasn't the media responsible for Sony to stop releasing "rootkit" CDs?

I wonder if this a protest against blogs that protest :-)

How do we know said...

:-) no Wriju.not a protest against the protesting blogs.. . just wondering if it was worth it.. to spend so much bandwidth and time.. to what effect?

Z said...

Er, probably not in my case, just the occasional rant. Which sometimes promotes an argument, eek - I'd not be so outspoken in real life*
Sometimes you find lots of other people think the same way. But that probably just makes you feel better.
Maybe a slow, calm protest movement's effects can't be seen, but that doesn't mean nothing happens of them. Like you can't see a flower unfold but it happens, minute by minute.
Or maybe, nope, no use at all.

Good question, don't know the answer.

*What is this if not real life? Oh go on, you know what I mean.

Ekta said...

To me blog is just a means of protesting! Its the same as using the paper or TV!
People choose whatever medium is convenient to them and thats the power of communication!
To me the medium is irrelevant as long as the awareness remains and people dont give up on issues!
We may not be successful everytime, but there will be a start someday!

Madhuri Shinde said...

I think Blog Protest is a medium thru' which we can voice out what actually we feel. Though this medium is in it's growing stage it can be effectively used. It's not always that blog msgs are restricted to bloggers. Few bloggers may also spread it thru' the word of mouth. Also, it's better to speak out rather than silently accepting whatever is given to us?

Anks said...


I completely agree with Madhuri...

Deepa said...

Any kind of protest is right as long as the protest is for the right issue....n blogs are a good medium..i am sure some percentage of people do read n write blogs regularly..n also get affected by of my friend had to leave his company coz he had written the truth abt some MBA institute(which apparently the institute did not like)He was told to quit his job or take back his statements against the institute else they would harm the company's reputation by burning their products infront of his office…he chose to quit his job.. will u still say blogs don’t affect????

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

hmm thanks.

BiScUiTs said...

I think it probably does have an effect sometimes, occasionally you hear about something that loads of bloggers have been outraged about and then people start talking about it. And it doesn't even matter if nobody actually reads it, at least it's there with the potential to be read. Even if only one person reads it they might have a think about it and they might not have done that before.

How do we know said...

hey all: Thank you for the views.. i personally don't have an opinion on this.. so will just absorb from u all and leave it at that.. till next time, then!