Thursday, September 15, 2022

More Quotes and funny one liners.

 All partners in India avoid talking about their abusive spouses. This is called Silence of the Lambs. 

When I tell Alexa to play "Kill me Now" its not a song request, its a vent. 

I want Google to know that i searched for "How to live with a madman" . At least SOMEONE should know I am living with a madman. 

जितनी patience आदमी लोग गोल्फ या billiards table पर दिखाते हैं, उस से आधी भी घर पर दिखाते तो हर घर स्वर्ग होता। 

"तूने अपना रंग चुन लिया?" - The only place where a man will say this? While playing snooker. 

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