Friday, September 30, 2022

Two lessons i learnt today

The trigger was someone posting that we are in the stage of reverse victimisation of men. Many men are punished because they are men. 

Then, someone wrote: The same is true of caste issues too. 

I wrote: There is a movement called One Family, One Reservation. This movement says that once a family has availaed of reservation, they should not be able to apply under the quota again. it should pass to another family. 

To which someone wrote: 

sure, we can do that once people stop getting killed for drinking water from the wrong well or growing a moustache. A one time reservation sadly doesn’t solve the entire caste issue.

Now, because caste has not been a factor in my growing up, I remain quiet on these caste related discussions. 

But this comment totally triggered me. 

So, here is the response that I did not put there: 

1. Hate is an end unto itself. Hate just follows the path of least privilege. It can be blacks, women, Dalit. It is a function of power. To consider that you have been singled out for hate is not right. 

2. If reservation has not solved the problem of casteism in 75 years, then it is definitely not the right solution. 

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