Wednesday, August 03, 2022

On the account of love

 मेरी माँ 

हर माँ जैसी थीं 

प्रेम देने में उत्तम 

पाने में अक्षम 

मेरे पिता 

हर पिता जैसे थे 

प्रेम पाने में उत्तम 

देने में 


उनकी जोड़ी 

परफेक्ट थी। 

Lets talk about the exchange of affection. 

All relationships are based on an exchange of energy. 

In a family, that exchange is love and affection. 

Yet, in families, we pay so little attention to how much we are giving, and how much we are getting. 

Love is not a current account. It does not need to be balanced on a day to day basis. 

But it needs to be balanced. 

In most couples, I find that one partner considers it their entitlement to be loved and fussed over, while the emotional needs of another partner are ignored as a matter of course. It is considered weird to even focus on the mental health of the giving partner, while the emotional (and other needs) of the earning partner are paramount. 

This imbalance in energy exchange is not sustainable, but it can only be addressed if we talk about this silent emotional starvation of one partner and the entitlement of the other partner. 


जिज्ञासा सिंह said...

कुछ ऐसी ही कविता पढ़ने का मन था ।बहुत सटीक !

How do we know said...

Thank you Jigyasa ji!