Sunday, July 10, 2022

Covid helped me

Most people complain about the effects of long Covid. 

Well, I had Covid in Jan 2022. 

It lasted just 48 hours or so. 

But shortly after that, I lost all memory. 

I'd anyway had issues with both short and long term memory for a while but that got better with Vit D and glucose. 

This, however, was different. I realised that I could not remember a SINGLE thing, except the birth of the child, from 2003 to date. Like, nothing. Not even one incident from the entire year. 

Well, at first, one panicked, of course. So,  I sat and wrote one incident from each year, forcing the brain to remember. In a few days, that list was compiled. I also tried to do Sudoku to try and kick start other cognitive processes that were severely hampered since Covid. 

Within a week of compiling the list, fights at home increased. 

And then, I realised - Covid had truly worked a miracle in my life! 

All 19 years were obliterated - gone - as if by magic. 

God had given a magic pill that I would have done anything for! 

Since then, I count my blessings for this every single day. Thank you, to whoever did this. 

The other faculties of the brain - my speed maths, quick analytical ability, etc. are slowly coming back. So are the memories - sometimes they come. But I don't encourage the memories. If the memory is pre 2003, it is very welcome. One spends a minute with it and smiles or feels sad. All post 2003 memories are encouraged to go back to the place they came from. 

I also forget things that happened maybe last month or so pretty quickly. It works very very well. 


Vandana Sharma said...

The aftereffects of covid are indeed dangerous in some individuals . Wishing you good luck.

How do we know said...

Vandana ji.. thank you!