Sunday, August 06, 2017

Indian Marriages

कितनी शादियां बचाई हैं
रातों की तन्हाई के डर ने

"जाऊंगी कहाँ? करूंगी क्या?" ने

"मैं तुम्हे दहेज़ के मामले में अंदर करवा दूँगी" ने

कितनी शादियां बचायी हैं
डर , मजबूरी, और खलिश ने.

Poorly translated, but here goes:

So many marriages have been saved
by the fear of lonely nights
"What will I do?" s
"I will get you arrested for dowry." s

So many marriages have been saved
by fear, emptiness and helplessness.
("saved" is satirical)

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Manasi said...

true words :-)

on an unrelated note, thanks for prompting me to write again ( . i have been re-inspired with a positive goal...

thanks a lot for writing in!!!