Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sanskrit Gamification

Today, I learnt a new way to teach my son Sanskrit. Its a new game.

He first asked, why is Sanskrit so important?

Mater: Think of a noun. Any noun. What are all the ways in which you can use it? The first dimension is obviously, how many - the number - is it 1, or two, or many?

That's one dimension..

Then, the second dimension.. where all can you use this noun?

For example, you can say, The Boy DID this - where he is the Doer.. then, he did this to his sister - so here, there are 2 uses. Then, he did this for, through.. and so on.. these, in English, are called parts of speech. 

So, that's the second dimension...

Understanding Sanskrit Vibhakti in Shabd Roop
And now, we keep these 8*3 blocks in a toy box with 3 boxes - Male, Female and Neutral.

How does Shabd Roop fit into the overall language structure
So we have a toy box which has 3 boxes. Each Box has many, many nouns, but each of them follows a similar 8*3 block, so it looks like this:


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