Monday, December 07, 2015

Review of Tamasha - the Film

Perhaps the critic in me speaks before the viewer .

The use of music is great, the cinematography does justice to the location - Corsica, France. The mimicry act by Ranveer adds to the viewability. But I couldn't help missing Nargis Fakhri in a similar role in Rockstar. I think Nargis did better. And Ranveer was repetitive.

And... you can't make up for a non existent, weak script. A strong story, perhaps. A boy finally comes into his own after abject failure on all fronts. But it didn't leave that strong an impact. There were too many distractions. Or maybe I am not qualified to watch the fillum.

As a viewer, good light hearted fun, excellent locations and some amount of wit.
The "Let me find my own  destiny" storyline is now done to death - Almost as much as "rich boy-poor girl" or "lost in mela" plots of yesteryears.
All in all, for the same story, Rockstar was better. WAYYYY better.

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Gentle Breeze said...

Great review! Sadly I have seen the film as can't avoid it

Music to me was the only thing that held me plus Corsica to some bit..the way the movie opens to dreamy kid - pushy dad, gave the plot away. The end was an inevitable. Expected more from Imtiaz Ali - but can't make JWM everytime :)