Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day Papa..

Tomorrow is Father's Day. Also the day we will be returning the body of our father to his Father in heaven.

I came home to spend Father's Day with him.. and had a strong feeling that I should spend July 1 here with him.. because it will be his last birthday.. but he didn't wait that long.

Now, I celebrated Father's Day by consigning his body to the Fire God, and will spend July 1 as his Terhnvi - 13th Day.

I think.. there should be some divine rule against taking fathers 2 days before Father's Day and 10 days before their birthday.

Happy 65th Papa. Sleep Well.



Onkar said...

May his soul rest in peace

Kavs said...

Heartbreaking...:( so sorry for your loss.

Z said...

I'm so sorry, a dreadful loss for you and your family.

How do we know said...

Onkar sir: thank you..

Kavs: yeah.. thank you!

Z: yes. we laugh all day and we don't know what to do with the nights..

Lucifer said...

Please take care...really sorry for your loss. Hope God's give strength to you and your family in this moment of grief

Indrani said...

So sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace!

A said...

Came to your blog after quite a few days & read this unfortunate post. So sorry for your loss, only time will heal. Take care.

How do we know said...

Thank you.. everyone..