Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mountains and Hills

If you want to trek up a hill, you can do it alone. And with some practice and grit, do it really well.

But no one, and no one, can climb a mountain alone. To conquer a mountain, you must climb with a team. And the rules of the mountains teach much.

There is no hierarchy. The respect is earned not by who pays whom, but by who knows what and who does what. The Sherpa who, strictly speaking, is a paid porter, gets much respect. Because he has been up and down that mountain many times, and because he has spent his life observing this mountain, worshipping her. He understands her moods way better than you ever will. When he tells you to turn, you always do. Because he knows better.

Imagine if we ran organisations and countries that way.. how would it be different ?


Gentle Breeze said...

if everything worked that way..I guess all mountains would become hills my dear! :-)

How do we know said...

GB: tell me more..

Gentle Breeze said...

Experience counts in everything.. whatever it may be..
To reduce mountains to hills got to the most suitable person in the team..not the one with the best pay packet
but that usually almost never happens coz the head honcho would never let him/her be overshadowed by his peers and much less subordinates

How do we know said...

hi GB: makes a lot of sense..