Friday, December 06, 2013

Why we rake up the past when talking about the Congress.

This afternoon, I got discussing politics on the lunch table. My speech:

"My problem with the Congress starts from the time when they were negotiating with the British on behalf of India. They divided the country, created the biggest massacre known in modern history, and no one turned back and asked them what the F were you doing? Why did India not hold its leaders accountable for the partition?
Likewise, in 1984, the people who were here, who saw what Rajiv Gandhi and his goons did to 3000 people in 3 days flat, in the most gruesome manner. These people saw what happened and still voted for the Congress. To me, that means that these people support the massacre that happened in 1984. There is, to my mind, no other explanation."

Someone on the table said, "why rake up the past? look at that they are doing now. The people who were responsible for 1984 and partition are both not here."

This post is to answer that question.

Because that past is not settled. Because everyday, it haunts a few thousand of us. Both , the partition and the 1984 riots. And Bhagalpur. And Bhopal Gas. And Godhra. They have to be raked up because under the ashes are smouldering cinders - not willing to die out. Waiting for their chance to become an inferno.

If the Congress does not need to answer for its past misdeeds, then rapists don't have to be punished after 7 years, and murderers after 10 years?

When does a crime become "old"? For the perpetrator, the minute it is done. For the victim, never. India was the victim of a crime in 1947 - the worst possible betrayal by its own people. And I feel like a victim. That is why I cannot stop talking about the past. Because there is no closure. Anywhere.


Gentle Breeze said...

We can never let go of our past because it has memories that are indelible - both pleasant and unpleasant ones.
Can we do something to undo that - my answer is a No. The embers of pain and anguish will continue to smoulder for a lifetime.
Can we do something to ensure that it never happens again - absolutely affirmative.
Schisms and narrow mental barriers take eternity to form and maybe even longer to go away. The Brits ruled us for 200 years and left us with Babu mentality and an awestruck attitude on seeing a white skin (mostly). Maybe the generation after us might be free from all this or be less affected by it all.

“We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it.” ― Rick Warren

Onkar said...

True. Past mistakes cannot be ignored.

How do we know said...

hi GB: I will try to remember what you said. Maybe we will be ready to forgive once justice has been done.. but as things stand, asking someone to simply forget that something happened.. maybe its way beyond our capacity...

Onkar sir: Thank you, and what GB says has merit too... what do you think?

Gentle Breeze said...

Good to hear from you..looking ahead now to see if the new CM in Delhi makes a difference or can take up this issue again

Gentle Breeze said...

Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and more happiness than ever before

How do we know said...

Hi GB: thanks so much! heres wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year too!

Amrita Sabat said...

Nice post. I've a point of difference here- ppl who voted fr Congress even aftr riots, did so out of sympathy fr Indira Gandhi's death. In India, dynasty and personality cult reign supreme which aftr 30 years is now being challenged. It's nt necessary dat these voters all supported the riots per se.

A basic characteristic of being Indian is that we tend to forget the past and look ahead to a brighter future. That's in our genes. Firstly the powerful and mighty get away from process of law when incidents occur. Secondly when after gruelling years and fights by victims the law again tries to catch up, public tends to forget and go on with survival. Dat's why human rights are abused at the drop of a hat here. Yet U hit the nail on the head when U say that the victim cannot forget. For the victim the fight is eternal.

The contrast is what makes India tick. We are victims. Yet we want to look ahead to a better future.

How do we know said...

Hi Amrita: I read your comment.. and didn't say anything bcs I couldn't find the words to say it. When we vote for Modi, we *Can* say that we are voting for 24 * 7 power and good administration and bcs there is no alternative. But we are *also* voting for state led riots.. in Rajiv Gandhi's case in particular, what he did even before he came to power was the exact reason that he should not have been voted to power. But I understand what you are saying... totally. the cult of the personality is a powerful one.

for my own sake, will also keep this link here: