Friday, March 23, 2012

मेरी बातें

मेरे गीत
ग़ालिब  की  ग़ज़ल नहीं
कबीर  के  दोहे  भी  नहीं
इन  में
न  तुक  न  लाया ,
... न  अज़ल  न  इशरत ...

मेरे  गीतों  की  रवानी
गर्मी  की  बयार  जैसे
जाने  कहाँ  से  आती, कहाँ  चली  जाती ..
बस  एहसास , कि  कुछ  हुआ  अभी ...
न  कोई  सिरा  न  पता ...

यह  गीत
रुके  आंसुओं  जैसे
कतरा  कतरा  पिघलते
और  सुर
सिसकियों   से  निकलते
होंठों से  चुप चाप .

this part of the post owes a lot of its existence to Pranesh Nagri ji at the browsing corner. He worked to articulate the thought behind the piece, and am very grateful for his guidance

my thoughts
a poem .. have..
no beginning
no end
no birth
no death
no birth
no salvation...

like a gust of summer breeze,
here this minute,
and gone the next
just a little something
left behind..
no telling where it came from
or where
one might
find it again..

like broken bones

like tears
held back for years
one by one
the sighs escape..


Manish Raj said...

This is good HWDK !! Really good one.

Onkar said...

lovely poem

Himanshu Tandon said...

One of the best from you so far...excellent...

A said...

Absolutely loved it, also the translation. The last stanza is so touching.


Chiya said...


This kind of writing is not only read and re read many times but also inspires one to write.

Few lines as a rejoinder on my blog.

How do we know said...

Hi Chiya: read that.. and its lovely!