Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Lohri

From the bad times, came good things... patience, perseverance, courage..

When things get worse, one is forced to become better at looking for sustenance within..

At the worst times, we discover the best in ourselves...

Thank you God, for the Sacred Fire... Happy Lohri..

PS: As an afterthought, has it occured to you that most rites of passage have a fire ritual attached? :-)


kj said...

you inspire me!

and fire: hmmmm. great observation.

this reminds me of the philosopher and poet hugh prather. he said when you get in a battle with life, lose as quickly and you can.

why struggle when it's best to soar?


How do we know said...

hi kj: Thank you!! why struggle when its best to soar? hmm.... thats something to think about.. :-) and i WILL be thinking about it..