Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Lohri

पींगा , हूटे, ते मेरी माँ
सुवेरे सुवेरे चूडिया, गौण , ते हासे
किनारी वाली चुन्नी,
आठ आने दी रेवड़ी
ते रुपये दी गजक।
आज लोहड़ी देंदे हाथ
तेरे हथां नु बड़ा तरसदे आ ...

Swings, friends, and my mother…
Bangles clinking in the early dawn, Songs, and laughter..
A gold bordered chunni..
50 paise for the milk sweet
And a rupee for the jaggery one..
Today, as I give to my children
I miss
The touch of your hands
the most..
Happy Lohri..


sandhya said...

Brought tears to my eyes. Happy Lohri to you too.

Peenuts said...

Happy Lohri

BK Chowla, said...

Happy Lohri to all of you

Deepak said...

Happy Lohri to u too :)

Mp3 said...

Happy Lohri to everybody !

Anonymous said...

That was enough for tears to fall

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Happy Lohri to everyone !

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Happy Lohri !