Friday, January 14, 2011

Top of mind news this week

Every week, day, minute even, we can have as many news assail our senses as we want.

Most of them do not stay in mind for longer than 5 minutes. And some of them stick. For each of us, the news that stick are different. This week, i was thinking about all the things that keep going on in the mind... for me, it was: (the part after the hyphen is my brief perspective on the subject)

  • Delhi's Road Rage case - One sec, Wilson hit Agarwal, Wilson took hold of the steering wheel, and Wilson got under that car because of what he was doing. And Agarwal should be punished? For once, the aggressor paid the price of aggression. I was so mad that the newspaper did a story on the Wilson family. If anyone is a victim, it is Agarwal. When someone brushes your car, even bangs it, lets say, the right thing to do is to lodge a police complaint, then call your insurance. you do NOT go and hit the other person, then, when he is trying to get away from you instead of responding to your aggression, you go and block his steering wheel. And just because you die in the accident that is caused by your obduracy in sticking to the steering wheel even when the car starts moving, suddenly, you are the victim? This does not make sense at all. We have to start by admitting that though he is dead, he was the aggressor in this case. But you know what will happen? Tomorrow morning, all the news stories will say that Wilson was not aggressive, that Agarwal deliberately banged (as against brushed in today's reports) Wilson's car, that Agarwal came out to hit Wilson, that Wilson was trying to get away when Agarwal mowed him down. Bet on it. And suddenly, the case will turn on its head.

  • The lady who stabbed a Bihar MLA to death : He harassed her for 3 years. She complained. Obviously, it led nowhere. So she did what the State ought to have done in the first place. You go Woman! This is an important case because Authority needs to realize that it's a dog where the bark must necessarily be worse than the bite. It should not need to bite. Because, quite simply, it does not have the werewithal to bite. In pure preponderance, the minority must always rule the majority, and brute force, as Bengal and Orissa have shown us, cannot get us anywhere. When you force people to take justice for themselves, they are one step away from your collar. In this case, she reached the collar all right. The others must take this warning. Is it a surprise that in the days that followed, MLAs accused of rape have been quickly arrested?

So, what were your top of mind news this week?


Himanshu Tandon said...

Truly agree with you on the Wilson story. The same thought crossed my mind too. Stupid is the word which comes to mind when you see the way this case is being handled.

BK Chowla, said...

Due to the developments in the recent past,some of us have lost faith in the media reporting. Media is adding to it's discredit by not reporting important issues. Like Rahul's security breach is an issue for PMO. Is it of any importance to you and me?

Onkar said...

I was shoched this week by what happened at Sabarimala. We need to see that our crowded pilgrimage centres are well-managed.

Indian Home Maker said...

Exactly my thoughts on both the cases. I have been wanting to blog about these issues too.

And I agree with the other commenter, Sabrimala and all Indian temples need to use some of their funds to get organized. Better managed, safer and cleaner temples are needed. Stampedes in temples are not a new thing.Why did the government offer them compensation, the temple should have.

Amrita said...

i miss u. long time.

Anonymous said...

i liked ur comment in ihm's blog.. the calvin one.. lovely words :)

How do we know said...

Hi Himashu: Thankfully, i read that the case was treated like an accident. Thank god.

Chowla sir: he he.. no its not.. but finally, paid news is official.

Onkar sir: totally agree. We also need to see that we do not lose our mind completely at such places. i have often seen people throw basic security norms to the wind at a religious place.

Hi ihm: "Why did the govt offer them compensation?" - totally totally agree.

Hi amu: i miss u too.. a lot. why r u never online these days?

Hi sb: Thank you! So sweet of u to come all the way to mah blog to say this!

Pinku said...

Agree with you on the wilson story...I was also quite upset with the way the media was/is handling it.
and whats most appalling is that no one has bothered to check with the other family even once.

Am late here so wont comment on the events that are on my mind now...since not only the week but even the month is different.

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