Thursday, September 02, 2010

whats with Dengue anyway?

First, Tejaswee. Then, a dear friend's mother. And now, MM's cousin K.

Dear Lord, please dont let anyone suffer from something like Dengue. Or Swine Flu. Or the Delhi govt.

As they say in Hindi - to the callous government that is letting this happen - may you get your just rewards. And immediately. What will Sheila Dixit do if someone in her family gets Dengue? Next day, all of Delhi will be fumigated. Is she waiting for that?


~G said...

It's not just Delhi. Mumbai is following close on heels.

BK Chowla, said...

The problem in india is that we are still living in the colonial mind set.So long as the elite is safe, secure who cares for the common man.I would hate to say this, but if Sheila Dixit's family gets infected--hell break loose and then they will not say if it is centre, Mcd,Ndmc or any other agency.
A few days back Sheila got stuck in traffic jam, and that was news.
But, may be we are foolish to expect any action from these insensitive and useless netas.

Onkar said...

It is high time something is done about dengue.