Monday, September 20, 2010

Is this the CommonWealth or the Emergency?

Saw this post by projectwhy yesterday and was aghast. There were also some reports in the papers about this unnecessary harassment of the poor.

Under which law are these poor people being harassed? Can you imagine what it means to go without daily wage if you are a daily wage earner with zero savings? Does Sheila Dixit have any idea? Is this the Commonwealth games or the Emergency? Even under the Emergency, babus were pulled up, not the poor like this. They were forcibly sterilised, but they were not forced to starve for 15 days. What the hell is going on here? Why is no authority willing to talk about it? If the rich were being forced to live indoors for 15 days, all hell would break loose. The TV channels would run 24 hour bulletins and the government would be on air with "we were misquoted" within 2 hours. Here, with impunity, the poor :
A. are being forced to go without daily wages.
B. Are being harassed, and told to go home (to Bangladesh and Bengal and Bihar, among other places) for a month.

What will you achieve by sending them home for one month? The only thing that will happen is that your sanitation staff will go away and u will be left with filth for a month. Where will u get temp sanitation staff?

And this, when the tourists are not even coming! Has EVERYONE in the government lost their collective, atom sized head?


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