Monday, July 26, 2010

Udaan Film Review

To make it brief and to the point, this review will be written in bullet points.
  • Fantastic, fantastic music score that one notices even though its not used very prominently in the film. In fact, if anything, the movie tries to remove the differentiation between music and background music - that subtle is the use. One notices good lyrics somewhere in between, but they are lost in the overall intensity of the moment.
  • Cinematography is good.
  • The storytelling is adept. In fact, this is good story telling. The Great Indian Butterfly, the last film reviewed on this blog, had very little story. This one, on the other hand, has a tight story which is kept "to the script". There are no loose plots just hanging around. That which is not relevant to the central characters is entirely left out. The pace might be slow for some people, but it worked perfectly well for yours truly.
  • The overall experience of the film is awesome awesome awesome. I was sobbing out loud at the end of the film(which is saying a lot)

In short, if you have to bunk school/ college / office to go see it, it will be time well spent. Do see the film. It is a shame that the really good films pass us by like this, and utter nonsense like Milenge Milenge gets the marketing and the hype. Its sad for us, that is.


BK Chowla, said...

I am surprised at your review.The reports in the press are not very excited about the box office collection.May be I will see it in the coming week.

artnavy said...

I really want to see this- will wait for the dvd to come

Adee said...

will do

Anonymous said...

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