Sunday, January 24, 2010

The National Girl Child Day

Viola!! The Times of India inform(s) me that today is the National Day of the Girl Child.
And what has the girl child done to deserve a day all to herself? Umm..lets see..
  • Foeticide
  • Infanticide
  • Lack of basic nutrition
  • Lack of education opportunities
  • More manual labor than men in some communities
  • Dowry
  • Honor killing
  • In some communities, the girl is the primary bread winner
  • Eve Teasing
  • Childhood(or otherwise) sexual abuse
  • "Sanskar"
  • "Adjustment" (the same adjustment that Neha did on New Years day)
  • ...
On the National Day of the Girl Child, which, among the list on top, would u like to knock off the life of a girl child? My personal favorite, is "sanskaar" , followed by "adjustment". Whats urs?


D said...

Foeticide, because everything else comes later.

Manish Raj said...

I am not sure whether listed points carry same context...but foeticide it is..followed by (lack of) education opportunities..

Onkar said...

I will go for the first two in your list in that order.

BK Chowla, said...

And like idiots they print the photograph of a Pak Gen on the ad.

How do we know said...

Hi D: hmmm

Hi Manish: okie...

Onkar sir: okie...

Chowla sir: I dont understand the hungama. An achiever is an achiever, whatever his country... he is a general.. and if his mother was killed, he wouldnt be around.. the point is the same...

BK Chowla, said...

Let the Govt accept that they have printed this Paki's picture with knowledge.What are they hiding??

indianhomemaker said...

'Sanskar' definitely. Because if there was no sanskar there would be no wish for a hundred sons, and no foeticide.
No sanskar, no fear of staying unmarried - no dowry.
No sanskar, no fear of education ruining her by making her forget her values and sanskar.
No sanskar, no adjustment, no honor killing, no being burnt alive or battered - she'd walk out like a shameless, 'kulta' with no 'sanskar'.
No sanskar, no need to eat last. No malnutrition.
No sanskar, no fear of what her grandmother's nephew's friends' sister's son's bhabhi would say if she knew that a man old enough to be her grand father passed a lewd comment at her.
No sanskar, and her brothers will never hear that a girl who is harassed 'invites' it or 'asks for it' - so lesser or no eve teasing.
I could go on and on.
I would replace sanskar or 'Indian values' with human values.

Id it is said...

'Lack of Education" educate the woman and you educate a whole generation, which would almost certainly stop or at least put up stiff resistance against all these atrocities that you have listed.

Gauri Mathur said...


How do we know said...

hi ihm: My thots exactly. It is sanskar that sits like a yoke on our shoulders, binding us to things that are wrong by definition. And adjustment comes a close second.

Hi id it is: And what about educated women who still tolerate abuse in their houses? They are a conundrum i m yet to understand.

Hi Gauri: Thank you!

Cyberkitty said...

I'd say honor killings....coz there is no honour in killing ur sister or daughter - no reason is good enough for this crime!