Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 more logic puzzles

The first is a sitter. The second was slightly more difficult to make. Tell me what you think.

I: Neighborhood.
On Cobbler Street, 4 people live in different colored houses. Each of them has exactly one pet and exactly one car. From the clues given below, see if you can figure out what goes where.
1. Smith loves walking his pet dog every morning, and he stops by at Hannah's for a coffee afterwards.
2. The yellow house has a chevy in the garage and Charlie, the owner, often talks of selling it.
3. The owner of the Audi has a really tiny pet.
4. The red house has a ford in the garage.
5. The owner of the white house has a goldfish for a pet.
6. The cat is the most aggressive pet on the block, though she is pretty agreeable when Beth's rat stops by.
7. Smith drives a Ford to work, and his neighbor drives a Ferrari.
9 The owner of the brown house does not own a Ferrari.

II: Round Table Conference.
8 people have to be seated at a round banquet table. The seats are number 1-8. For this teaser, 5 is opposite 1, 6 is opposite 2 and so on. Likewise, "next to" means one of the neighboring seats only. i.e., 8 is next to 1 and 7.

A and H are the only French speaking people on the table. They need to be seated together.
B and F should sit opposite each other.
C, F, and G all know Russian, but don't necessarily need to sit next to each other. In fact, G wants to sit next to someone who knows French.
D is English and insists on sitting next to at least one other English speaking person, and pat opposite the good looking H.
E is the only other English speaker in the group, but he wants to sit next to someone who knows Russian.
G agrees to sit next to F only on condition that the other side must have a French speaker.
C does not sit next to either of them.
C however, agrees to sit next to B, who is the only Bavarian in the group.
A will not sit next to a Russian or an English speaker.


Tanvi said...

Sorry couldn't solve the puzzle

But dropped by to tell you that I'm back and I missed you so much (ahem ahem.... I hope you do remember me)

Keep Rocking!!!

Sayesha said...

Ooh how did I miss this post?? :D

Red: Smith, dog, Ford
White: Hannah, goldfish, Ferrari
Yellow: Charlie, cat, Chevy
Brown: Beth, rat, Audi

And the order (clockwise) of people at the table: A, H, G, F, E, D, C, B

Did I get them right??