Monday, September 21, 2009

Review of Dil Bole Hadippa

The ingredients were there, the setting was perfect. And yet, the meal was not. That’s how a chef would describe this film.

Yash Raj Films, good performers. What else do you need?
Apparently, that small little thing called a “Story”.

The other thing that irritated me about this film was the stereotyping of the Punjabi culture. Especially because it came from the people who brought to the screen, one of the best, most subtle depictions of a Punjabi house - in DDLJ.
Rani and Shahid are just not “Punjabi” enough – or perhaps it was a problem of characterization. Obviously, making women in Punjabi hinterland wear Bihari “lehngas” did not help either.

Notes to Yash Raj Films:

  • The theme of “Videsh Vs Desh ki mitti in a Punjabi village” has been done to death. Please!
  • The story of videshi, well to do ladka falling in love with a village belle is ALSO done to death.
  • Not all Punjab villages are caricatures of blue, red and orange.
  • Some of the art direction was VERY flawed. I can point out hajaar mistakes, but let's start with the Baisakhi vaala mela.
  • The theme of girls being as good as boys was superb!! Rani’s dialogue at the end, was great because it was brief and hit home.
  • The moment of the film? When Rani Mukherjee looks at Shahid, midway through the song, and realizes that she is falling in love with him.
  • Shahid is not an actor who usually disappoints in the acting dept. This was a rare occasion. The accent, which was an obvious accessory, was missing. The usual screen presence was also not entirely there. But what was missing the most was the chemistry between the lead pair. Except in moments. When we see Shahid, we only miss Shahrukh Khan that much more..
  • Rani is a fantastic performer and in this film, she has done her best. Expressions, body language, “look” – u name it. This is a Rani we have never seen before. And yet, we do not think Vira Kaur at the end of the film. Looking at her only makes us miss Simran that much more (note – Simran, not Kajol.)
  • Rakhi Sawant is the surprise package of the film. She is really good.
  • The Costumes! Someone please tell the designer that even in dream world, Punjabi women wear Salwar Kameez and Punjabi men wear the Lungi, at least sometimes. Just like clothes made the character of Veer in Love Aaj Kal, the characters in this film are slaughtered by their designer wear.
  • The spoof on Shahrukh and Salman was superb!

The film has its gloriously funny moments. That is the biggest reason to see the film. If Rani's Bikini dance is any part of your inspiration, save your money. Its hazed out and really nothing exemplary.


BK Chowla said...

YSR Films have a unique character of basing their stories in the North and one will always get to hear typical Punjabi songs in their movies.

hitch writer said...

me just doesnt like this over glossy kind of movies...

J P Joshi said...

We are going to see it this evening... will comment after that.

J P Joshi said...

Saw the film last night. We had two teenage girls with us, and they were just ga-ga over Shahid...naturally they loved the movie. I did not find it worthwhile but liked three dialogues that I am not likely to forget in a hurry...One, love cricket. (Love what you do). Love the other cricketers, if they can fail, you too can. Third, you can leave India but India does not leave, true.

Mama - Mia said...

i gave up on Yashraj movies quite some time ago. the last one i watched and liked was Kabul Express. skipped all the sop made after that.

and i really wish Rani got out of YR camp and do something that will really make her test the boundaries! sigh!

i think i am gonna skip this one too! :(

loved your review!



D said...

Had heard bad reviews of the film, so we went for Wanted on the weekend. It's equally bad, if not more!

Who Knows? said...

Chowla Sir: Yes.. and this one just kind of.. did it not so subtly..

Hi hitchwriter: me loves the stuff dreams r made of!

Joshi sir: Teenaged girls are not the only ones in love with Shahid Kapur :-) i missed that dialog - u can leave India.. where was it?

Hi Abha: Rani do sth better? Me thinks, honestly, that this is the most variety that we can hope to get out of her..

Hi D: At least this one had Shahid Kapoor!

N said...

Thank god i skipped this movie!!

J P Joshi said...

Sorry for the delay in responding.. we have been travelling and busy. This dialogue has been spoken by Rani M, don't remember the exact spot now though.