Friday, September 04, 2009

Come, Life, Let's talk.

You and I
have shared
such a love-hate relationship.
We should enjoy talking
while the love phase is on.
Tomorrow, one of us may hate the other again.

Why were you so unjust to me, Life?
Was it because
I never betrayed
what you were doing to me?

Why did I hate you , Life?
When you gave me
everything a person
could possibly need?

Why were we so unfair to each other, Life?

Why did i always want to get rid of you?
Why did you never come to me?
Why did I live so little,
and breathe so much, Life?

See, there is so much
that we can discuss
- perhaps to mutual benefit.
Come, Life, Let's talk....


Vinisha said...

I love this poem.

human being said...

hey! this is stunning...

thanks for putting the translation here... really loved reading this...