Monday, July 06, 2009

Palkon pe chalte chalte.. पलकों पे चलते चलते जब ऊंघने लगती हैं

पलकों पे चलते चलते जब ऊंघने लगती हैं ,
सो जा आँखें सोती हैं तो उड़ने लगती हैं,
सौंधे से आकाश पे नीले बाजरे बहते हैं,
पांखी जैसी आँखें सपने चुगने लगती हैं ॥

पिघली हुई हैं, गीली चांदनी, कच्ची रात का सपना आए,
थोड़ी सी जागी, थोड़ी सी सोयी, नींद में कोई अपना आए
नींद में हल्की खुशबुएँ सी घुलने लगती हैं...

आंखों से कहना , लोरी में रहना, रातों का कोई छोर नही,
तेरे तो और भी होंगे सपने, मेरा तो कोई और नही ...
बोलती आँखें नींद में सपने सुनने लगती हैं ....

My all time favorite lullaby.. and one that works on Ishaan too.. :-)
Film: Daayra, Lyricist: Gulzar, Singer: Yesudas, Music: Anand-Milind.

Rough Translation:
When eyes sleep, they fly..
They are there for the picking, blue and lovely,
Eyes, pick the floating dreams like birds pick grain..

The moonlight.. molten and spilled all around me..
I dream of a moist night..
A little awake, a little asleep,
and a dear face comes to mind..
All my sleep is scented that moment..

Eyes, stay in the lullaby, for the night is endless,
You must have other dreams, but you are all I have..
Eyes that speak so, listen to dreams in the night..

yes, i know thats a really bad translation.. but what can one say? Am sorry.. please help if u can..


lala said...

it has to be gulzar who touches the chords so silently that by the time one realizes what the words mean, it has already created an impact. loved थोड़ी सी जागी, थोड़ी सी सोयी, नींद में कोई अपना आए

i tried translating a poem i wrote to english and failed miserably... and then i realized by beauty of words when hindi and urdu mingle... i hope Ishaan is doing good..

Mampi said...

sho cute,,,,
and me sorry sorry sorry,
missed the chance, hope life extends another chance.

Varun said...

why can't contemporary film-waalahs churn out such stuff?

can't help but wonder.

How do we know said...

hi lala: so true.. some languages are just beautiful in themselves, and some writers, like Premchand, use the beauty of a language as it should be used..

Hi Mampi: arre nahi.. we will meet again.. that i m sure of.. Chandigarh ne na tuhada khaida chhadna te na mera..

Hi Varun: but Daayra IS contemporary, na?

Onkar said...

Lovely words by Gulzar and your translation is quite close to the original. Beautiful.

adee said...

yes. it has had to be gulzar. although for a moment i thought it was you :D
man! i love this!!!
i so love this

dégagé said...

Beautifully translated too!