Sunday, July 12, 2009

Film Review - New York

In the year 1996, a film called Maachis was released. In the year 2o09, New York was released. The former was classic Gulzar - great poetry et al, the latter is classic Yash Raj Films - great visuals, glamour galore et al. The former was set in Punjab of the 1980s, the latter in New York of the 2000s. The differences end there.. now for the similarities:

Both these films deal with the process by which a terrorist is born. The process is simple - overzealous law enforcement officials who over-do the "interrogation" , and do it on the wrong people, in a way that strips a person of his basic dignity, and makes him want to "get back" at the "people who did this to me" .

Both the films present this truth in a very hard hitting, effective way.. the subject, sensitive as it is, is handled delicately, yet with an underlying strength that adds resilience to the story telling.

The rest of the review is ONLY about New York.

If you think good looking people cannot act, watch this film. These are three superlative performances.. each bettering the others.. but a special mention must be made of John Abraham.. it takes a lot of courage to give the shots that this movie needed.. and he has done them all par excellence.. after this film, he is an actor in my book..

Katrina Kaif can act.. it was a tall order to match up to the screen presence of the other two, and at some places, she beats them to it.

Neil Nitin Mukesh has already proved himself as an actor. With this film, he leaves absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind about his versatility and screen presence. John Abraham is a good looking person who can also act well. Neil Nitin Mukesh is an actor who also happens to look good.

Irrfan Khan needs no more eulogy. His performance remains great as ever. Perhaps he should give vesatility a chance now:-)

Like all YRF films, the visuals are a treat.. there isnt one bland moment in the film.. the editing is perfect.

The story is full of surprises, gripping yet warm.

Some surprises that the film flung at yours truly:
  • Neil Nitin Mukesh's voice is a lot like his grandfather - Mukesh.
  • There is third degree even in the human rights aware Amareeka, and no one can do anything about it.

And just as i was thinking of all the questions that the film throws at you, this post came along on Indscribe's blog.. and this one on Soul in Exile's blog must watch the film and then read the posts.. will cost you a night's sweet dreams..

Good Night.


Anonymous said...


u sound quite positive bout the friends went to see it before me and they were not so happy...they said it was boring... i will have to watch it myself to find out

peace and love
take care :)

Peenuts said...

Yeah, I agree with Issh. Even my frends didnt like it. Plus it got just one and half star on rediff. But now that you have said so much, i need to watch it too :)

Anonymous said...

Both the links recommended at the end of the blog go to the same blog/page...Did u mean to suggest something else for Soul in Exile blog.

BK Chowla said...

I have seen the movie inspite of poor reviews.I found the movieto be excellent.It escelled in every aspect of movie making.

keepcool said...

nice review.

a negative point of the movie is that it drags a bit.

Balvinder Singh said...

I think i will watch this movie in a hall. I haven't done that for a long time. Thanks for the review.

Mama - Mia said...

you are among the few people who has good things to say about the movie! and frankly i cant stand yashraj movie any more!

but i am gonna give this a shot! i did love kabul express! :)

and good to see another neil fan! :D



lala said...

i heard from people that this movie was not very good... funny for you say the exact opposite... i think i'll watch and decide for myself.

Aparna said...

Have heard mixed reviews about the movie but have also heard that all the actors were very good.
May be will go and see it and make up my mind.

Aparna said...

I simply love the name of your blog.

How do we know said...

Hi Issh, Peenuts, lala: Do try out the film once..

Hi Anon: Thanks a ton. Corrected it.. :-)

Chowla Sir: Am glad u think so too!

Hi keepcool: Really? Which parts?

Balvinder sir: yes, even i watched it in a theater.. thts such a luxury!

Hi Abha: if u liked Kabul Express, you'll like this one too..

Hi Aparna: Thanks for liking the name of the blog.. and yes, do give this film a shot.. i really think its worth it..

Id it is said...

Is this a movie in English?
I would definitely want to watch it.

How do we know said...

Hi Id it is: Its a Hindi film.

Id it is said...

Does it have subtitles (English)?

Mampi said...

then must i go and watch it??
had shelved the idea of watching it.
perhaps tomorrow i will go

How do we know said...

Hi id it is: I dont really know abt the subtitles where you liv, but guess most Hindi films would come with subtitles.. or is that a flawed assumption?

Hi Mampi: Dekho ji.. u really must c it.

Saadia said...

I saw 'New York' sometime back. You're right. The editing is oh-so-perfect and it is such a good-looking movie.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was mature. No stupid and/or typical Hindi film humour or conveniences. And good acting. A decent soundtrack too.

It DID remind me a lot about 'Khuda Ke Liye'; a little less preachy though.

Shadows of life said...

Machis was a memorable movie for me, not because of the content but because that was the last movie I saw with my parents 15+ years ago. Now my parents don't like to go watch movies in theater.

I do wanna watch New York but not sure if I should waste time and mind to go and watch in theater, may be on DVD...I'm my parents true kid ;-)

Anonymous said...

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