Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tell me about children, again.

Help Required: What do u do to establish good brushing habits in kids? Ishaan's gums can't stand the softest bristles and tend to bleed. Also, he does not like anything in his mouth, except the baby toothpaste, which he devours like a food group.

Increase my GK please: There was an activity that Ishaan stopped doing at 5 months of age. Yesterday, he saw something related to that activity and instantly said the name of the activity. Do all kids have such incredible memories for a while? For how long does this last?


Mayz said...

thr is smthn for ya on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

you need to read those 'parenting' books.. i guess you'll get your answers..

BK Chowla said...

Yes,even I think you should read some parenting books.

Vinisha said...

Got no clue about kids.

However, I have the same problem. May be he's got sensitive teeth like me.

I still don't know :(

Z said...

Pugsley isn't fond of having his teeth brushed either, nor his hands washed, though Squiffany insists on both. Maybe it's a boy thing.

I'd ask your dentist for advice - in adults, gums that bleed easily are a sign of gingivitis, and you don't want to risk Ishaan getting problems with his teeth and gums.

Can't help on the second question!

Citizen of Earth said...

I found that including the children in "my" routine helped
We washed up and brushed teeth together often

I'm not big on "parenting" books
Look to the people you know. who's children you admire, seek advice, but make your own way

As for the memory, yes all children possess this quality - in fact we all do
It never goes away, it lasts a lifetime.

The reason we don't see it as we get older is because we prioritize out memory habits, more and more we focus on the present as we grow through the formative years.

The memories are still there, buried deep.

human being said...

another point regarding the memory: stress can impair it... but if the child is relaxed, it lasts long...

as to her gums, perhaps he needs more vitamin c in his diet... and some massaging of the gums...

kiss him for me

human being said...

HIS gums...


Sarika said...
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Mahi said...

Ni.. this is chottu..... hope u remember.. for my baby.. we brush together.... I make her sit close to basin..give her a baby brush. I do my brushing n completely ignore her... she then copies me :-)
Once she is done.. I rub my finger on her teeths/gums.... thts good enough..

How do we know said...

Hi mayz: Hey.. thanks a ton!!

Hi Pink Orchid: I have finished reading them, and have finished checking with his doctor too... :-)

Hi Mr. Chowla: One of the first things - the net and the books.. :-)

Hi Vinisha: oops.. maybe i shld check rightaway.

Hi Z: Oh.. i should have thought of the dentist sooner.. thanks a ton.. let me do that pronto.

Hi citizen: Yes, i do that too.. i brush with him and hope that he will follow suit. So far we havent had any luck. Lets keep those fingers crossed :-)

Hi hb: great, let me try both those things.. and i was thinking of ur stress comment quite a bit today..

Hi Mahi: Hey Chhotu... how r u??? Gud to c u here! Yes, i do that ignoring bit too.. lets see if this works.. keeping fingers crossed! And lets catch up offline too.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Takes time for the gums to toughen up - might want to check with a dentist specializing in kids. If he's like most little ones he probably only likes things in his mouth he's not supposed to be putting in it.

My grandson is like that, remembers everything. I have to be very careful what I do or say around him. Little children are like human recorders - nothing escapes their notice.

Solilo said...

How old is your son? If he is above 3 then it is time for his first dental appointment. Hope bleeding gum is not periodontal disease.You can also clear your dental doubts there.

As for memory, children do have sharp memory but they also forget easily.

Oreen said...

okay, so here you go... take a spoon of mustard oil and put some salt in it... gently massage the gum with the salt... because of the mustard oil, the salt won't bruise the gum ... this massage twice a day makes your child's gum very strong and there wouldn't be any bleeding either...

Mampi said...

yes it happens with them, they keep getting those bouts of memories back-just like we do.
about brushing-let him chew the baby brush if he can, it might later on induce him to use it the right way too.
secondly make it more fun by doing your own brushing with him. and dance if you can, while brushing teeth. it works, it has worked with me. seriously, he would dance and brush - and dont forget to make a video and send it to me.

Onkar said...

I found the first para quite cute, although I have no answers .

How do we know said...

Hi Phos: Am thinking of taking him to a dentist soon. Thanks!

Hi Solilo: not even 2 yet but i think we will take him nonetheless.

Oreen: have i told u yet that you hve made my day!? Thanks a ton for this!!

Hi Mampi: I have tried brushing with him, and will now try dancing. Trouble is, either he dances or you dance.. he still hasnt captured the idea of dancing with you.

Hi Onkar: Thank you!