Thursday, April 09, 2009

Pictures from the Library.. as promised..

As you can see, its an assortment all right. But there is also a repetition.. he loves Pooh, Mickey(who doesn't?) and Barney and Grover.. there are friends in those books.. and that's just what we were hoping to get.. Amen!!


~nm said...

What a lovely collection I must say.

And it was such a coincidence that when I was looking at this post that that I got a call from you :D

Id it is said...

No doubt, a visually pleasing cover is always a lure for young readers!

Z said...

The thought of a little boy in India reading the Pooh stories written in 1920s England is just so fabulous!

How do we know said...

Hi ~nm: Colorful hai na? How was the long weekend?

Hi id it is: so it is :-)

Hi Z: I thought about that comment for a long time Z. Some things are universal.. the simple pure heart that Pooh reflects is timeless. If anything, its even more needed today. One book that i will not let Ishaan miss is 6 cousins at Mistletoe Farm by Enid Blyton. I chanced upon it now, at the age of 31, and plan to make him read it when he is the right age.. Enid Blyton again, is timeless..

adi said...

and a book lover takes birth :)

upma said...


saw your mail while seraching for time life series.

Hey !! could you please tell me where in jay ngr. is this shop ? I am putting up in B’lore but never been to that area.

and I also would to also like to know more about childcraft, as in publication, titles etc..