Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hindi Rhymes for children/ हिन्दी मे बच्चों की कवितायें

What do you do when you find tonnes of Nursery rhymes in English but few in Hindi? You try and make them up. Old ideas, new words. Some other parents may be facing the same problem, so here goes. (No wait, this is not a parenting tips blog yet.. i have a thought about Qasab coming up too :-) )

चिडिया लायी दाल का दाना,
कौवा लाया चावल का दाना,
दोनो ने मिल कर खिचडी पकायी
तभी वहा पर मैना आयी
उस ने सारी खिचडी चुराई
चिडिया बोली "उफ मेरी माई!"

अहा टमाटर बडा मज़ेदार!
एक दिन टमाटर को हो गया बुखार
आलू चाचा ने किया उपचार
भिंडी दीदी ने किया बडा प्यार!

गाजर और आलू की हों गयी सगाई
गाजर बोली "हाय ये मैं किस घर आयी!
मैं लम्बी, और पतली, गुलाबी मेरा रूप हैं,
साथ चले लाला, लगे बड़ा खूब हैं! "

गोभी और बैंगन की हों गयी सगाई
गोभी बोली "हाय ये मैं किस घर आयी
मैं गोरी, और चिट्टी , और खिला मेरा रूप हैं,
काला कलूटा सा मेरा महबूब हैं! "


Ni said...

You made them up!! oh I will be singing them. I like :)

my rhyming skills are terrible. I ll keep borrowing :)

Asha said...

It's very cute!!!
Though am not a parent I loved this... :-).
Can I send this to one of my friend (whose mother tongue is hindi) who has a little two year old daughter, if I don't violate the copyright :-)?
Well, though my mother tongue is not hindi, I felt it's very nice and really perfect to be a rhyme... as it has the 'heart and essence of a rhyme' in it :-).

Mayz said...

awwwwww this was adorable...esp d first one was jus so cute...

"uff meri mai" was too good

human being said...

no i don't want the translation... but i very much like to hear you singing this...

~nm said...

These are SUPER cute! Go on..make some gonna sing these to Betu too :)

How do we know said...

Hi ni: Mine too.. these ones just came.. the songs i have created for Ishaan dont rhyme at all!!

Hi Asha: Please do send. This is not copyrighted at all. the whole point of putting it here was that when i tried a net search for hindi phymes, nothing came up.

Hi Mayz: Oh u shld see him do it.. the action on this part is to pat your head with your hand (like we do offo!) and he looks so cute when he does that.

Hi Human being: Aww... me singing this.. :-) will try.

Hi ~nm: arre there ARE more.. batati hoon

Indian Homemaker said...

Very cute!!!Do you remember there were those about Chunnu Munnu, Chunnu Munnu kahan gaye the?

How do we know said...

i have one in a book thats similar - see if this is the one u were looking for -

Chunnu Munnu beta kahaan gaye the?
Bandar ki jhnpri mein so rahe the..
bandar ne laat maari ro rahe the,
mummy ne pyaar kiya hans rahe the
papa ne paise diye naach rahe the
bhaiya ne laddu diye kha rahe the..

Mampi said...

loved them,
lets write them in punjabi too....