Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thoughts on Yesterday/ हिन्दी दिवस मुबारक

On the Delhi Blasts: The blasts were "Low intensity" but the media frenzy and the panic created by the media was not।

दिल्ली बम विस्फोट - बम कम क्षमता के थे, पर हमारे खबरी टी वी वालों का जवाब नही। सारे देश से फ़ोन करवा दिए हमे।

On "A Wednesday" : It is not fair to put all accolades in one basket - that of Naseer. He is a fine performer, but not the only one who deserves praise. The performer who stood out, from the first scene, was Anupam Kher too. My Cheers to Anupam Kher!! And while we are at it, more Pest Cleaners please.

फ़िल्म "A Wednesday" : नसीर साहब बहुत उम्दा कलाकार हैं, पर अनुपम खेर साहब का ज़िक्र कोई क्यूँ नही करता? इस चिट्ठे की प्रशंसा, अनुपम खेर के नाम! और हाँ, कुछ सफाई वाले और मंगवा दीजिये कहीं से, नसीर साहब जैसे।

On Hindi Day: The only way i got to know that today is Hindi Day, is through the Hindi newpaper that we have. The Times of India does not think of Hindi Day as being relevant to our times. ;-p
आज हिन्दी दिवस है, ये बात सिर्फ़ हिन्दी अखबार से ही पता चल सकी। Times of India को नही लगता की ये हमारे वक्त में ऐसी बात है, जिसे ३० अखबार के पन्नो में १ लाइन दी जा सके।
हिन्दी दिवस मुबारक।

On the BMW Hit and Run cases in Delhi: (There have been 2 hit and run cases involving BMW vehicles in the last week)
1. Did anyone find out if the motor cycle riders were riding as per the rules?
2. Why is it that of all the hit and run cases, only BMW is mentioned as the brand name ?

BMW केसों पर (दिल्ली में पिछले १ हफ्ते में २ BMW गाड़ियों को ले कर हादसे हो चुके हैं। ) :
१ किसी ने ये पूछा की ये नौनिहाल जो मोटर साइकिल पर थे, वे नियम के विरुद्ध चला रहे थे या नही?
२। सारे मामलों में , सिर्फ़ एक ही गाडी का ब्रांड नेम क्यूँ बताया जाता है?

Enuf Said।
बस इतना ही।


D said...

What The Times of India does think of relevant rarely has anything to do with the times of India, if you know what I mean.

oceanic mirages said...

on the delhi blasts: Media frenzy makes me feel a little indifferent towards the whole episode.
On "a wednesday": i have to watch it, hopefully soon.
On Hindi Day: Wish we were responsible enough and the need of such a day should not have risen in the first place, all these days sound pretty needy...
On the BMW: hum pseudo firingiyon ka kuch nahi ho sakta.
Last but not the least, i loved ur post.

adi said...

bas itna hi kafi kuch tha!

~nm said...

और हमें पता भी ना था कि उस दिन हिन्दी दिवस था| इसे देख कर लगता है कि वाकई में हिन्दी दिवस कि अहमियत क्या रह गयी है|

Pinku said...

Times of India, where u can buy editorial space. I know for a fact since have been in the industry. It may not write the times of India but its policies certainly do reflect the times of India.

As for BMW...its simple ...their PR team is not strong enough. And yes no one bothers to ask if the victim could have been in the wrong...its always but always easier to blame the one who got away.

However leaving someone to die on the road is matter where the blame for the accident lies.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I would have a hard time backing any cause that espouses violence to force their views on the public. Killing non-combatants is heinous.

How do we know said...

Hi D: i know what u mean :-)

Hi Oceanic Mirages: Thanks for liking the post. "the need of such a day should not have risen in the first place" - I totally agree. This is the reason i feel sad too.

Hi adi: :-)

Hi ~nm: Aur Hindi ki ehmiyat kya reh gayi hai.

Hi pinku: I thought abt that question long and hard.

There is a 50% chance that the motor cycle borne kids were in the wrong. My sympathy is not too high for people who drive recklessly at the age of 25 and then have parents who blame the car driver without verifying the facts. There was an accident, yes, but to blame one party without going into the facts, without publishing the version of the other party, is also not acceptable. Rich he might be, but which of the two was the brat, we do not know.

the same father, who said we would have thought better of the BMW driver had he taken our children to the hospital, would have been the first to say that since the blood marks of his son were found in the car, the BMW driver was definitely the guilty party and so on.

How do we know said...

Hi Phos: I am assuming you mean that for the Delhi blasts. Yes, killing non combatants is unacceptable.

Ni said...

my only memory of Hindi Divas was when my lil brother came running to me and said "tomorrow is Hindi Day I need an essay. Quick!!"

If this is what happens to hindi I dont know how we will keep the rigional languages alive specially the minority ones. I hope we manage somehow.

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Cyberkitty said...

i borrowed wednesday from a colleague last week but ever since i saw the bomb blasts have decided to skip this movie.

PARRY said...

Like some other days it has become a mere formality. I came to know one week ahead only coz our organisation celebrates it each year by holding essay competitions, quiz etc but with wat enthusiasm and zest they do is anybody's guess. :D

How do we know said...

Hi ni: Oh no.. who cares if a small regional language lives not?

Hi Cyberkitty: it was ON The day of the Delhi blasts that the Other insisted that i watch the film. I think that was a wonderful thing to do. Try it. Its good catharsis.

Hi parry: Right. With what enthusiasm you celebrate it is the more important question.

Oreen said...

you are essentially a journalist. pithy, direct, hard hitting.

try haiku.

will read more.