Friday, September 12, 2008

one MBA post.

As I see it, commuting is going to be, after sickness, perhaps the second biggest cause of loss of employee productivity. One does not have the figures, so it might also be the single biggest contributor.

How does one handle this situation? There are 2 plausible options:
1. Create small, self contained townships. ( a la Tatanagar, Modinagar, WIMCO nagar..)
2. Allow telecommuting as a standard practice.

As things stand, No. 1 is too expensive for companies who will spend a lot on their top executives, but pinch the others on pens and notepads and free lunches.

No. 2 requires a lot of trust, and that is missing too.

I sometimes wonder, what made it possible for the Tatas and Modis to build Tatanagar and Modinagar for their employees, and today’s organisations, with much higher net worth, find it difficult to replicate the model? (Just wondering…)

Does telecommuting make business and financial sense? You bet it does. Will it be implemented anytime soon? Ha ha ha. Unlikely, at best.

As an organisation/ employee, what would you prefer , or is there a third option?


~nm said...

Building a self contained township for e.g. tatanagar would probably work only where one person is working. If two or more different family members are working in different areas, then this option shall not work. They will need to be staying in different townships :)

Mampi said...

telecommunication is the more viable, more modern ways. Tatanagars and Modinagars were formed when there was a greater need of manpower. However, situation has changed as of today. People can afford to stay away from workplace and still be more efficient. Yes, trust is the only factor that is needed.

soulbrush said...

i don't even want to think about this, it boggles my mind with worries for the future with global problems.....etc etc

adi said...

i wud like to work from home; meet other team members in baristas or pot pourris, discuss, share, and then go home again to collaborate via internet.
that'll be the ideal workplace for me :)