Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What do you vote for?

This post is for all the readers across the world. What do you vote for in your elections?

Do you vote for essential services and development projects? Do you vote for honesty and integrity? Do you vote for the educational qualifications and the development work experience of your candidate? Do you ever read the manifesto of the party/candidate for which you vote?

Why am I asking this? Mid term polls in India were missed by a whisker lately. All this hullabaloo was over the US nuclear deal. As the drama stands, the deal is at least on the back burner. Avoiding the polls is more important than the agreement.

Yet, no one, and no one, not even the great media of this country, has gone to the Third Front, the Communists, to ask what their plan is for India’s nuclear program. I would like that answer very much. No one has asked the Congress exactly when the agreement becomes operational and when we start to reap the “benefits”.

The Indian public has been fed statements like this agreement will facilitate our peaceful nuclear program , or that India’s sovereignty is being compromised by the agreement. Yet, the draft/text of the agreement has not been released for public consumption. It is, of course, assumed that there aren’t enough educated people in India who can read the text and analyse it. India, you see, is still a country of snake charmers that can be galvanized into riots at the mere mention of the word “religion”.

When we vote in talent shows, we vote for the candidate from our region, or of our mother tongue, etc… whatever happened to the word “talent” in a talent show?

My guess is that things are not too different anywhere across the world.

So, in an election, what do you vote for?


neermathalam said...

But there is two sides to your argument.Let me make it clear.
Politicians ultimately aim for continious power.And almost all thier acts will be to satify their vote bank.And in the pursuit of power India takes a backseat.An unavoidable by product of beautiful democracy.
And We people dont have time or the willingness to make an effort to create a difference.And even after reading inumerous media reports I really don't know whether nuclear deal is good or bad.Only thing the reason they publicise about opposing the deal is ridiclously absurd.
Whatever...Happy diwali...(no arguments won't rise out of that...)

Id it is said...

Right now, we are all basically voting Bush out! Everything else is on hold and held in low priority against this one major issue that we need to get off of our conscience.

How do we know said...

Hi Neermathalam: Yep, that is the second side of the coin,and thank you for bringing this out.

Hi id it is: Why, oh why, did that burden not sit on your conscience in the last elections as well? Anyway, der hum durust hum.. (that which comes late comes well)