Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What working with the Blind has taught me

A lot of people who know me personally, often comment on how it’s a very good job that I’m doing with the blind. Each time, I have tried to correct the person and inform them that actually, it’s the other way round. What I have learnt from the blind people I have worked with is much, much more than what any of them has gained from me.

Here is how my life is better because of the skills I learnt from the blind.

I can walk around my house in pitch darkness.

If I’m cooking when the power goes off, I don’t have to turn the gas off and wait for the electricity to come back. I can continue cooking most of the times.

I don’t have to wake up to monitor the maid or the house. Even in my sleep, I do it with the ears and the nose. The maid hates it. I love the extra sleep. I learnt that from the students who knew someone was entering the class, even when I did not know it until after the person had entered.

Even if I am entering a building for the first time, I will be able to find my way over the sections that I have covered, in pitch darkness. This is because I count my steps and make a mental note of all the ups and downs of the floor surface. I learnt that from the students I worked with.

When buying clothes, I have learnt to close my eyes and then feel the texture. The difference in sensation is quite impressive.

I have learnt that it is possible to have fun AND hate people who pity you at the same time.

I have seen that it is possible to dance to perfect formations by just counting your steps and perfecting them individually. You cannot see the harmony you have created on stage, but everyone else can, and its beautiful!

I have learnt that there are 2 ways in which you can react to abject pity from others. You can either learn to use it to your advantage, or you can push it back with even more vigor. Your repulsion to that pity gives you more strength.


Ekta said...

Its amazing how much we can learn from people and things ard us!

Neihal said...

Beautiful post :)

I would be glad if anything/anyone could teach me how to remember my way out from unfamiliar buildings and streets. I get lost all the time. Every single time I tell u. :D

And if you have learnt all this from the blind ppl, you must be doing your job well. :D

itchingtowrite said...

wow!! u r doing a great job and u hav taken great pains to learn their way! hats off

Smi said...

Well written!:)
In college, I used to be an "exam writer" for a visually challenged B.A. student..I'd also read out his incredibly boring lessons to him during prep time.
Yes,what u're doing must feel really fulfilling. Kudos!

Shruti said...

Its would be great to larn lots of things from them.

Take care...

Cyberkitty said...

great post, I've always wondered how the blind do it !

Maddie said...

I just love your beautiful spirit -
you inspire me and make me think.
Your post reminded me of the
importance of learning to
"see" in new ways.


Di said...

let them know i think they're super cool !! :) they probably have the grit and determination that'll take some of us a lifetime to earn..

How do we know said...

Hi Ekta: Yes, that is true.

Hi Neihal: i was just like that too! still am with roads.. :-)

Hi ITW: Learning their way has made my life hajar easy and fabulous chances to impress ppl with my ability to work in pitch darkness. They think its magic (if they knew)

Hi smi: then u know a lot more than i do. I have never been an exam writer.

Hi shruti: Yep, that it is!

Hi cyberkitty: yes, until u learn the trick, it does appear magical.. and uncanny!

Hi maddie: Thanks!

Hi di: I SOOOOOO agree. Will def. tell them!

chitra said...


Sugarlips said...

This is a very inspiring post and you have a beautiful heart :)

What you asked in your previous post and on my blog about Urdu script its called Perso-Arabic Script and It is also quite commonly referred to by what we know today as one of it's fonts names...Nastaleeq.

Stay Beautiful...!

Nishu said...

nice post. (^_^)

Chiya said...

Reading this post made me think how fortunate you are to have been blessed with such warmth and wisdom, and how fortunate am I to know you and all these beautifuly inspiring things. :)

Vasu said...

To call this post inspiring is an understatement.....
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

mathew said...

I know it doesnt mean much to appreciate your efforts..but am really glad to see people being so passionate about it..

dharmabum said...

black, i am sure u have wathced. two other movies that u have to watch, if u haven't already -

wait until dark
children of a lesser god

this is the most inspiring post i have EVER read in all blog sojourns. my salutations to you.

How do we know said...

Hi Chitra: :-))

Hi Sugarlips: Nastaleeq...has a nice ring to it.

Hi Nishu: Thanks!

Hi Chiya: Hmm... am still thinking about this... :-)

Hi Vasu: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Hi Mathew: I think u got it bang on with the first line of ur comment.

Hi Dharma: Thats a very nice thing to say.. am kind of.. humbled. Thanks!

Red Soul said...

Thats something wonderful u r doing for the community!
Volunteering? I am sure u learnt a lot from them too. Bravo to u!

Rajat said...

We see and feel lots of things around us.

But very few of us are able to pick up the best and introduce them in our life....

you are one among them..who looks at good things happening around and pick up the best one that suits you....

we are proud of you....

[a} said...

This is an amazing post. I didn't know you worked with the blind! Do you know who Helen Keller was?

She's my hero, and she accomplished the most awesome things, going much farther than anyone could have thought a deaf, dumb, blind girl could have.