Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What is below is a part of the song from Jism. We usually do not notice the excellent poetry of film songs, but i have always found it awesome. Some song snippets end up meaning a lot. Have been thinking of putting them up on the blog for a long time now...

Won't attempt a translation. This is too good to be mutilated by my translation. Any volunteers welcome.

आवारापन, बंजारापन, एक खला है सीने मे,
हर दम, हर पल, बैचैनी है, कौन भला है सीने मे॥

जाने ये कैसी आग लगी है, इस में धुँआ ना चिंगारी
हो ना हो, इस बार कहीं कोई ख़्वाब जला है सीने में॥

कहाँ किसी के लिए है मुमकिन , सब के लिए एक सा होना,
थोडा सा दिल मेरा बुरा है, थोडा भला है सीने में॥

खंजर से हाथों पे लकीरें, कोइ भला क्या लिख पाया?
हमने मगर एक पागलपन में खुद को छला है सीने में॥


dharmabum said...

watched a movie recently, in tamil, and found one song particularly profound. hope to post abt it soon :)

Chiya said...

I always loved the poetry in film songs. Even if the song is not famous or not composed well, i will love it because of the poetry..

I also love the original versions of songs which get changed by film makers, like the one on my last post.

Neihal said...

I know!!!

It is one of those songs. Very beautiful, where every word had a meaning, none seems wasted, like in many other songs.
One of my Favourite too. :D

Smitha said...
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Smi said...

So,while we are still at Johny Boy and meaningful lyrics,may I suggest the lesser known "Aazmale Aazmale" from Taxi No. 9211.
Am-azing lyrics!

How do we know said...

Hi Dharma: Will wait for that post.

Hi Chiya: Ditto!! i am not even aware of the original songs changed by film makers.

Hi Neihal: Exactly, nothing seems wasted - not one word.

Hi smi: Can u pls post the lyrics?

Sugarlips said...

I can't read hindi script BUT I can read hindi in roman :)
"Jism" movie had beautiful poetic songs :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Risha said...

hi, my first time to your post, lovely song.
this is one of my favorites too!! keep listening to it again and again and again...I even like Mann ki Lagann from paap i think.