Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Tag by Neihal!

Thank you Neihal, and here's the answer.

Publish 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading. (if the page does not have 5th paragraph, take the last paragraph. And if the book doesn’t have page no. 123, take the last page.)

I read multiple books at the same time. At the moment, these books are

Super Sudoku Puzzles by J. Riley
At Wit's End by Erma Bombeck; and
Raat, Chand aur Main by Gulzar.

Let's choose Gulzar for this tag. (I would have liked to choose Super Sudoku puzzles, but blogger does not support grid paragraphs yet. ;-)).

बस एक पानी की आवाज़ लपलपाती है,
कि घाट छोड़ के मांझी तमाम जा भी चुके

चलो ना चांद की कश्ती मे झील पार करें।

I tag....Artnavy, ITW, Dharma, Chiya and Sugarlips.

I also tag the first 5 visitors to this post. So if you see this post and the no. of comments is less than 5, you are tagged.


Neihal said...

wah wah!!!

Gulzar happens to be one of my favourite as well.

Sudoku puzzle...hmmm. :)

Wriju said...

Here's mine from the Inheritance of Loss...

Lola was hyterically trying to make a phone call from the STD booth because it was Pixie's birthday:"What do you mean it doesn't work, for a week it hasn't worked!"

Not as euphonic as yours - but what do you mean it doesn't work! :)

Z said...

My books are still in my suitcase. I'll look them out later.

I'm home, but I haven't written a post yet. I've been shown the vegetable garden, proudly, by my son and the kitchen floor by my equally proud husband, who welcomingly washed it this morning!

Me said...

From Shantaram:

"It may seem strange, and it may in fact be impossible for anyone else to understand, but until that very moment I'd had no real comprehension of the wrong I'd done, and the life I'd lost..."

It's too damn long!

Sifar said...

TAKHAT SRI DAMDAMA SAHIB, Talwandi Sabo, Bhatinda, is the fifth seat of the authority of Sikhs. This place owes its importance to the literary work of Guru Gobind Singh Ji done here during his stay in 1706. It was at Damdama Sahib that Guru Gobind Singh Ji prepared the revised & authentic version of the Adi Granth which is now being honored by the Sikhs as Guru Granth Sahib ji. He added to the original version prepared by Guru Arjan Dev Ji the verses of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. Guru Gobind Singh Ji stayed at Damdama Sahib for nearly a year.

After leaving the fort of Sri Anandpur Sahib & passing through Chamkur Sahib, Maachiwara, Deena Kangar followed by historic war of battle in Mukatsar. Guruji arrived in Talwandi Sabo in the Year 1705 on a high elevated small piece land. On that place Guruji took a break & relaxed. Due to this reason this pious piece of land is famous as Damdama Sahib (Damdama means to take a breath). From Damdama sahib Guruji released orders(Hukamnama) for Sikh Desciples & announced or rather declared this sacred place as a Takhat. Every year Baisakhi's festival is celebrated here & lacs of devotees come here to get Guruji's blessings even today.

PS. I do not have your e-mail so I had to write this information that you asked for as a comment to your post with no relavance to it.

itchingtowrite said...

will do it.. loved the WTF post

How do we know said...

Hi Neihal: I am kind of done with his repetitive themes, so i look for some other writers now.

Hi Wriju: Hmm... so you're reading the Inheritance of Loss? Thats interesting!

Hi Z: Its wonderful to just know that you're back! Really did miss you a lot!

Hi me: But strangely, this line reminds me of a recent book i read - about a criminal called "The Boston Strangler" who killed 14 ladies in the same way, over 2 years. He also said something like this in his confessional.

Hi Sifar: Thanks a lot for this.

Hi ITW: Thanks!

dharmabum said...

nice tag - been doing the rounds i guess, but not been tagged so far myself - thanks. am reading quite an interesting book, wil do it soon!

Chiya said...

jab ho chup jameen-o-assman
gungunati ho na koi been
sar kisi mazar per tika
ro rahi ho zindagi hassen

tab jo banke aata hai karrar
Wo payar hai
Wo Payyar hai

- Neeraj (Phir Deep Jalega)

Chiya said...

thank you so much for tagging me.
I love doing tags, they give me a reason to write. I will post the full poem tomorrow on my blog.

dharmabum said...

jus did it, thanks!

Z said...

"I left Naples at night, with the money on my person, in case I fell victim to the usual Neopolitan custom and was attacked and murdered. In fact when I reached Selciata I had to put up a skilful and vigorous defence against a band of horsemen who made a murderous onslaught on me."
The autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini, the 16th Century goldsmith and sculptor. He started his autobiography in 1558 and it is fabulous!

I'm also reading 'Shakespeare, the biography' by Peter Ackroyd, but the last para of p 123 is deadly dull, and 'Saving Fish from Drowning' by Amy Tan, but all her books are reruns of 'The Joy Luck Club' and I'm finding it hard going.

I also bought two cookery books while I was away, and they are most tempting...

How do we know said...

Hi Dharma: This is a beautifule passage.. and reminds me that I must go back to that book by The Mother too.. its a book of stories for children, and those are my favorite books. Thanks a ton for doing the tag!

Hi Chiya: I had no clue Neeraj wrote such super love poetry. This one is a gem. Thank you!

Hi Zoe: Wow! Do you read intersting books?! This one does sound like a lot of fun. I remember particularly relishing the travelogues from a couple of centuries ago. Must remember to pick this book up next time.
It would have been nice to see the meme from one of your cookery books, and then we could have guessed the name of the recipe from the last paragraph of preparation method ;-) Nah.. just kidding!

Sugarlips said...

I'm here late 'cuz I was away for the weekend :) so here is mine from "The Invisibles" (The Tale of The Eunuchs of India) by Zia Jaffrey.

The man himself. I sat down, just outside the circle of voices, and watched, till papers were rolled, briefcases snapped shut, good-byes said. A woman in a sari appeared, who introduced herself as Mrs. Pavitran and asked me if I'd have anything to drink. Tea, I answered. Come, Come, gestured Mr. Pavitran, mightn't we sit in the living room?

Gulzar is one of my fav too and I want to know "Raat, Chand aur Main" comes in urdu or english kiya?

Stay Beautiful...!

How do we know said...

Hi Sugarlips: Thanks! Raat Chaand, aur Main is in the Hindi edition, as far as I know, but am not sure.. the urdu edition might be available since his primary language is Urdu, though he prefers it published in both the scripts - Devanagari and Urdu (Incidentally, what is the script for Urdu?)

Sugarlips said...

Thanks a lot :)

I will search on google :)if can't find then I might your help :) You have not seen urdu script kiya? Its very similar to Persian and Arabic.

Stay Beautiful...!