Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More thoughts to live by..

अक्सर वो कहते है वो बस मेरे हैं,
अक्सर क्यों कहते हैं, हैरत होती है!

aksar vo kehte hain, vo bas mere hain,
aksar kyun kehte hain, hairat hoti hai.

He, who is mine, often tells me that,
Why does have to tell me often? (bad translation)

गम होते है जहाँ ज़हानत होती है,
दुनिया मे हर शेह की कीमत होती है

Gham hote hain jahaan zahaanat hoti hai,
duniya ein har sheh ki keemat hoti hai.

There is sorrow where there is knowledge.
Everything in the world comes at a price.

हम से दिलचस्प कभी सच्चे नही होते हैं,
अच्छे लगते हैं मगर अच्छे नही होते हैं।

Hum se dilchasp kabhi sachche nahee hote hain,
Acchche lagte hain magar achchhe nahi hote hain..

Those, who are intersting, are seldom honest,
They appear nice, but they are not.


Chiya said...

Amazingly beautiful!

The second one is very close to heart.
If only i would have been less smart to figure out the lies, if only i would have been less intelligent to deduce what is deceitful, Life would have been happier.
bahut mahangi hai ye zahant..

Neihal said...

where do these come from ?
so much wisdom in single post :D

How do we know said...

Hi Chiya: :-) Kabhi kabhi aisa hi hota hai..

Hi Neihal: All from Javed Akhtar.. and just my top of mind recall.. :-)

mathew said...

zimbly superb..cant be more true..

Ashish said...

Nice. I really liked this line:
"Everything in the world comes at a price."

M (tread softly upon) said...

Very pretty lines. And thanks for posting in hindi and english with translations :) Or I would have to look up things :)))
And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sugarlips said...

First of all I love Javed Akhtar and 2nd pahla shair bohut piyara hai and it left a soft smile on my face :) Thanks :)

Stay Beautiful...!

dharmabum said...

he says it so often out of fear and insecurity. we are all but beggars of love.

Vasu said...

"Those, who are intersting, are seldom honest,
They appear nice, but they are not."

Is nt that too skeptical?

Smi said...

The last one is amazing!
I kept thinking abt it long after I read it..in fact I am still thinking abt it..hmm..

How do we know said...

HI Mathew: Thank you!

Hi Ashish: Thanks! :-)

Hi m: Thank you too!

Hi Sugarlips: I can understand why the first sher left a smile on your face! :-)

Hi Dharma: Or perhaps, he believes that if a lie is told often enough it will be believed..?

Hi Vasu: perhaps it is, but then, think about it, how many interesting ppl do you know who don't lie?

I think of this sher more as a comment on contemporary "street-smart" ness.
(You may also want to read my comment to Smi below)

Hi Smi: Tell me about it.. i was thinking about this sher for about 2 months and actually ran through a list of ALL the ppl i knew to check if there was ANY exception at all - couldn't come up with any. At that point, i gave up protesting the sher and just enjoyed the wisdom contained in it!