Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am a Minority!

I demand full minority protection complete with the benefits!

I belong to a small group called the "WTF" group. We are like this:

1. We see Arjun Singh's "I-am-Krissh-but-why-does-everyone-else-think-I-am-Dr. Dang" histrionics and go "WTF!"

2. We see a lot of new headlines in the papers and find that the myopic vision of 50 years ago on whether 2 ppl can have an inter-religious marriage or not, whether girls are old enough to decide whom to marry at the age of 16 etc.. we see reams of paper and air time wasted on these notions and go "WTF! As if these things are even worth discussing"

3. We see the K series of serials(for abt 2 minutes) during which we see the same expression captured abt 5 times and go "WTF! DD's Hum Log anyday!"

4. We see Rahul Gandhi and Aishwarya Rai trying to appear intelligent and go "WTF!"

5. We see the Sachar Committee Report that is trying to get jobs for a highly entrepreneurial community and go "WTF! Why are the real needs of the community not being addressed?"

The WTFs are a community that is not suited to living in today's India.

We are also completely unfit to watch modern television.


KusTavan said...

I beg to differ slightly. I dont think WTF are in a minority - especially not after the recent Allahabad high court order. Most of middle and upper middle class arm chair critics and drawing room activists fall into this category too... Almost whole of Indian middle class says "WTF...whats the point going out to vote...all are criminals anyway" and give up their franchise voluntarily for criminals to rule...and then sit back and say "WTF...this country is ruled by goons"... And given that average polling anywhere is around 50% in any election, the absentee 50% is all of WTF clan. So how can a 50% group be a minority.

Sorry... try some other means of getting a reservation.

dharmabum said...

i read something recently, and am tempted to quote it here -

'Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes'

the deal is, i think we've become a country of just two broad categories of people - one, rabid plunderers of everything that is worthwhile. this category has been potentially eroding this society of all values - social, political, cultural and moral.

but it is the OTHER category that is most dangerous - it is to this group that belong the bunch of critics like u and me, and like kustavan says, we're defined by passivity. we jus sit there, say wtf and give up not only our voting franchise, we give up our self respect, in that we hardly make any attempt, however small, in redeeming the country. all we do is sit and crib and complain and wait for things to improve. and this group, it seems to me, is in a huge majority. so no reservation, sorry!

satish said...

These comments are enlightening, arent they?

Neihal said...


Bang on!

Twisted DNA said...

ROFL!! Well said. I am in another minority called "Whatever"

If the TV hosts discuss Anna Nicole Smith's offspring... I look at it and go "whatever."

Loved your post!

Ye manzilen !! said...

well, WTF !!!

How do we know said...

Hi Kustavan: That post was the result of a lot of frustration. Every morning, every single morning, I promise myself to not comment on the news or think about them. One votes diligently, one even runs "Vote" compaigns around election times(and m planning an anti reservation campaign just around the Lok Sabha elections, asking ppl if they want to vote for reservations) .. and yet, nothing changes! Every morning, one is assaulted with even more preposterous goings on!

Yesterday, a blue line bus killed a teenager in Delhi - the only bread winner of the family. angry locals burnt the bus. Guess who was arrested? The relatives of the boy for causing disturbance! The police does not seem to worry that they do not have the owner, the driver or the conductor of the bus so far. WTF!!

Hi Dharma: I soooo agree... if We, the People had not kept quiet when they were planning the partition, we would have one country today. But We, the People spoke during Mandal and nothing happened.

The great Architects of the Constitution forgot to create a simple provision by which the electorate can demand a review of an unpopular legislation. They remembered to create a provision making certain legislations out of the purview of judicial review. Which means they protected their clan well, but forgot about the general public.

How do we know said...

Hi Satish: You bet!! :-)

Hi Neihal: i had another round of WTF this morning.. looks like the state is very interested in our welfare! :-)

Hi TDNA: Great!! Whatever and WTF are cousin clans :-) Long Time!

Hi ye manzilein: I take it u liked the post. Thank you! :-)

Lavs said...

Hiya there,
My first time at your blog and i liked this post a lot. I wrote something similar but it was more of a subdued vent of my frustration(post title:interview).Do drop in.

Smi said...

Hey I just went 'WTF' when I saw NDTV reporting for a full five minutes about the number of kilos of Henna being brought down from Rajasthan for the Ash-Abhi wedding!

Me said...

Can I agree with what seem like two opposites viewpoints? I so agree with you HDWK (how do we know), but I also agree with kustavan. I guess there are some things we must leave at 'WTF' but others, like Kustavan points out, should make us go ahead and do something beyond that.
And no, the WTF (and the Whatever) communities are not minority, they only need to empower themselves appropriately to get a reaction that's neither 'WTF' nor 'Whatever' but something beyond and better!

Jyoti said...

if you get really the protection ..please let me know..i'll join this interesting minority "WTF"...Waqt Tumhara hai Fakir :-)

Jubin George said...


Nishu said...

Every other guy thinks he belongs to minority and needs special treatment. Congrats, you joined a majority with self-realization.


mathew said...

hehhee..dont worry bud..you are in the majority any day..

Neihal said...

you have been tagged HDWK. Do check my blog :P

How do we know said...

Hi Lavs : went to your blog and quite liked it there. Interview is a valid point that i have also wondered about for a long time.

Hi smi: yeah, that whole hungama was just sooo entertaining. Jahnavi was the star entertainer of the day.

Hi me: You are not the only one with 2 opposite points of view. I seem to live with them all the time too :-)

Hi Jyoti: I like the name of the community, but really, Kaash Waqt hamara hota..

Hi Jubin: Umm... no, we havent adopted that as the official greeting of the minority.. just yet.;-)

Hi Nishu: Self Realisation? Nishu, I have never been more confused in my life!! And Kustavan and Dharma don't do much to alleviate the confusion. Just when I go WTF, they come back with the opposite persuasion. Mera kya hoga?

Hi Mathew: Ah! The pains of being in majority!

Hi Neihal: Tag done, and Thank you, it has hajar interesting!

Cyberkitty said...

I don't think u are a minority, but a huge huge majority ! almost everyone says wtf almost every hour atleast twice.