Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Javed Akhtar..

The last ghazal could not be translated at all.. it was too good for that.. am making some effort with some of the shers in this one..

हम तो बच्पन में भी अकेले थे,
सिर्फ दिल की गली में खेले थे.

एक तरफ मोर्चे थे पलकों के,
एक तरफ आंसूओं के रेले थे..

थीं सजीं हसरतैं दुकानों पर
ज़िन्दगी के अजीब मेले थे..

आज ज़हन-ओ-दिल भूखे मरते हैं,
उन दिनो हम ने फाक़े झेले थे..

खुद्कुशी क्या गमों का हल बनती,
मौत के अपने सौ झमेले थे..

ham to bachapan me.n bhii akele the
sirf dil kii galii me.n khele the

ek taraf morche the palako.n ke
ek taraf aa.Nsuuo.n ke rele the

thii.n sajii hasarate.n duukaano.n par
zindagii ke ajiib mele the

aaj zehan-o-dil bhuuko.n marate hai.n
un dino.n faake bhii ham ne jhele the

Khud-kashii kyaa Gamo.n kaa hal banatii
maut ke apane bhii sau jhamele the
I was alone even in my childhood
and the alleys of the heart, the only playgrounds I've known..

Brightly lit desires on the shops,
In the strange fair called Life...

The other ones are too nice for me to mutilate them in translation..


Aradhna said...

simply GREAT.
Thanks for sharing!

Neihal said...

another brilliant one...and I think you translated it well... :) :)

dharmabum said...

try this -

main tumahari jheel si neeli aankhon mein doob jaoon...

main tumahari jheel si neeli aankhon mein doob jaoon...

main tumahari jheel si neeli aankhon mein doob jaoon...

*wah wah wah*

glug glug glug glug...

Sugarlips said...

Thats true lafzon ki mithas khatum hojati hai in translation...I like Javed Akhtar he is witty!

LOL @ Dharma :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Doesn't seem mutilated to me...

Aradhna said...

the last JA poetry you wrote I took a cue and extented it to my feelings..
This one also I wanted its beauty stopped me..
Have read it at least 50 times by now, Million thanks!

How do we know said...

Hi Chiya: Good to see you back! You know that one.. Ab agar aao to.. its on the blog somewhere.. you'll like reading that too!

Hi Neihal: Thank you! I cld only translate 2!!

Hi Dharma: Ha ha ha! That was REALLY funny!!

Hi Sugarlips: Haan even i think he is quite unique in his style.. :-)

Hi PG: Wow! Thanks!

Hi Chiya: If you liked this so much, maybe you should buy the audio book Tarkash.. from which this one is taken.. its in his own voice and he does justice to the words.

deepthi vinod said...

jis ko dekhthe rehte hain ham har din..dost usika naam hai zindagi...

hope i got my hindi right??

Shruti said...

lovely ..spacially that last line..
maut apne ki jhamele the..

Aradhna said...

I remember that one, got the message.:)

The Phosgene Kid said...

How're those ghazals coming? I think I had a case of those once, much better now though!!

Blackcougar said...

Beautiful .. I could realate to this !

Rajesh said...

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How do we know said...

HI Deepthi: Sure you got your Hindi right, and its also a nice thought!

HI Shruti: LOL.. so true!

Hi Chiya: I have mine somewhere too.. just cant trace it!

Hi PG: LOL! :-) I've had a case of them all my life! There are more coming up!

Hi Blackcougar: Thanks!

Hi Rajesh: Will go and check this out.

Aradhna said...

On your July 2006 link you will find it.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Just stopped by to see what was up. I'd love to see some pictures of your country...