Monday, March 12, 2007

Worst Film of the Year Award

... goes, beyond doubt, to Nishabd: The Film

Saw it yesterday and just HAD to blog about it. Though I've seen over 20 films since the last film post - Kabul Express, this one REALLY takes the cake.

What's wrong with it?

One, someone should have spent at least some time on the characters before putting them on paper/film. They all seem to have come from 1 line briefs! It is supposed to be a credible story, but nothing about it ends up being credible.. because everything is so... wispy! (for want of a better word)

Two, the movie needs editing, and lots of it.

But the worst assault of the film is its cinematography. The cinematographer should be criminally prosecuted for that assault on our visual senses. Can you imagine a location like a beautiful, verdant tea estate among the mountains, and a grey/blue/green filter with black and white effects on this scenery for the WHOLE DURATION OF THE FILM? Can you imagine that?? 3 hours of mutilation of such amazing locales!!


Neihal said...

oooo....such angst!!!
well, I dont plan to watch it anyways....too much of anything is bad and AB is getting onto my nerves somehow!!

Aradhna said...

may be the diector wanted to distract you from the "amazing locales" and wanted your attention to be on just one thing MIND
and the games it can play...

An economist, A film critic, A poetry lover, A Social Activist
interesting and intriguing combination!

dharmabum said...

'm going to try and watch it anyways. i like AB, and am curious about that babe ;o)

How do we know said...

Hi Neihal: Hmm.. i dont mind AB so much, but yes, I am angry with the camera guy.. in a place like this, you should just let me camera roll...

Hi Chiya: :-)
Kai chehre hain is dil ke,
naa jaane kaun sa mera..

Hi Dharma: That babe is super hot and super irritating.. watch the movie in mute, you'll like her better! :-)

Sugarlips said...

I wanna watch it too cuz I like Amitabh :)

Stay Beautiful..!

Cyberkitty said...

Thanks for telling me....though I may still watch it to write an even worse review...ha ha ha!

Mellowdrama said...

hahaha that was funny. Thankfully I have no intentions of seeing it but was wondering is it roughly based on Lolita? Also I heard Ramu (I take it he is the director, or is he the producer) insists on lingering on the rear assets of his starlets which probably gives you precious little space for other natural beauties hehehehe!

How do we know said...

Hi Sugarlips: Sure, go ahead.. at one point, Jiah khan did say she actually ended up loving AB in the movie! :-)

Hi Cyberkitty: Do, do go watch the film and then write an even more damning review.. the movie deserves all the brickbats it can get :-)

Hi Mellowdrama: Umm.. i dont remember the assets you have mentioned in the camera, but the girl has not worn a skirt that is longer than 6 inches on her legs, so that should give u some eye candy.. but, those legs are in Black and White too!!!