Thursday, March 02, 2017

Just like that...

I want to record this.. I don't know why.

Today, I lost my watch. I looked all over. Finally, at night, when I had given up, it was there...on the nightstand. Exactly where it always was. It wasn't there 2 hours ago.. promise.. I saw ... searched it very thoroughly and it wasn't there.


kj said...

i believe this 100%! another reminder of the mystery of being human in a cosmic world


Himanshu Tandon said...

Hmm.. short horror story - The watch !!

You know what would have been even more creepy?

Imagine you locked your house and went out for a dinner and figure that you have lost your phone. You call your phone using someone else's and a scream answers it and tells you to leave your house and disconnects. The phone is thereafter switched off.

You figure it as stolen and later when you return, you find it on your bed - unlocked, your call shown as answered - AND ALL THIS WHILE THE PHONE WAS IN YOUR LOCKED APARTMENT..


How do we know said...

Hi kj: Yes. This is the second such miracle in life that I am aware of. So wonderstruck in life.

Hi HT: Knowing my absolute terror of all things horror, one can tell how much you love me. Sheesh! Just thinking of this gives me goosebumps! Cant u think of this as divine providence, or some such?