Saturday, January 30, 2016

We Need Sanskrit in Schools

I want to make my stand clear on this one:

 I NEED Sanskrit in schools. To know Sanskrit grammar and its structure is to know perfection in language design. This is how things should be done.
IF Sanskrit was designed in the modern times by an American, we would call it "The Perfect Construct", "Genius and Beyond" and other things.

We would send our children in droves to learn this perfect language and we would be so proud of their achievement. We would speak about how learning Sanskrit teaches them to create more scientific models of thought, because they learn to envisage a thing and all its possible uses.

But that fact remains that over 2500 years later (at least), no one has been able to create a language as perfectly as Panini's Sanskrit with its flawless design of grammar and word construct.

So basically, in 2500 years, the world has not produced a linguistic genius like Panini (and his group).

And I am proud to be from the country where this awesome science of linguistics and alphabet design existed and was thus perfected.

 I Want Sanskrit in schools. None of our Intelligentsia will do a candle march to save Sanskrit in our education system, but I will.


Gentle Breeze said...

I agree every bit with you...maybe the HRD people need to listen to these thoughts

How do we know said...

Maybe they do. par guhaar lagaye kaun?

kamal said...

nice and very informative post with a message.