Sunday, March 15, 2015

We really, really dont give a damn!

I did  a poll on facebook for my male friends.. the poll was:
So, this question is being asked in all seriousness.. and the poll is only for my male friends. When you get dressed in the morning for work(or in the evening for a social event), how many times do you wonder what the women on the street are going to think when they see you?
A. WTF! I don't think of what anyone will think. I dress for the occasion.
B. Once maybe.
C. About 3-4 times. I then adjust my dress n go out looking appropriately dressed.
D. All the time! I even wonder whether I am showing too much skin.

Most of them answered with A. Someone said the answer choices should read: A. Whatever is on top. B. Whatever the hell my wife/daughter wants me to wear.. and so on.

The next day, I wrote this:
Dear Friends: Thank you for validating the idea that when we dress up for the day, or the evening, we do NOT think about what women on the street will think of us. The only approvals we seek are from our family or those who are important to us. But before that, the only approval we seek is our own.
It might come as a surprise to you that women do the EXACT same thing.
So, when we wear short clothes, it might come as a surprise of some sort that we do it for ourselves. If you... find that offensive, or "asking for it" - Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
Some of you might want to think that women are this male obsessed sub species that thinks all the time about how some random on road character is interpreting her dress, so it will come as a huge shock to you - the people we spend the most time thinking of, is our families. And friends. We don't think about other people. AT ALL. Just like you.
If you are on my friends list, chances are, that you already believe this. It is now time to go out there and have conversations that indicate to other men that women really, really, don't give a damn about what strangers think.


Onkar said...

Very true. Powerful thought.

Miss A said...

so very interesting. I didn't know where this was going, but loved it in the end.

kj said...

amen amen amen and yes yes yes.

well well well done.


How do we know said...

Onkar sir: thank you

Miss A: :)

hi kj: thanks so much!!!