Monday, March 23, 2015

Foundational Skills that Children Need

I was talking to my friend about Foundational Skills that children need, but our schools don't teach. This is what we came up with. Add to the list, or share thoughts about items on this list:

A. Speed Reading: Because, well, that skill is the reason I passed a lot of courses at IIM Cal. And the reason one could watch a movie every single night, not study during the day, and still manage board exams - classes 10 to 12.

B. Mental Maths/ Vedic Maths: Not so much for the ski...ll itself, but I found that this one thing trained the mind in a different way. I was able to process information very differently.

C. Logic Puzzles

D. Poetry Appreciation: Because, well, I can do a whole lecture on the importance of understanding metaphors if we have to do strategy.

E. Financial Literacy.

F. Citizenship.

G. Civic Sense: Yep. You read that here first.

H. Reading the Law: I WISH more young people knew HOW to read the law. You don't have to know the law itself, but most laws, at least in India, are available online. We just have to learn to not be scared of them.

I. Meditation

J. Communication : In particular, how to structure your communication. Think Before you Speak, and something like that.

K. Deportment: Body Language. Not in an artificial, formulaic way, but the simple things like posture, table manners, not fidgeting etc.

L. Theater: For self expression, for empathy, and for public presentation. If there is a panacea in education, theatre comes pretty close to it.

M. Agriculture: Cmon.. how can the education system ignore the GREATEST employer of the country? 60% of this country survives on agriculture.. and our kids don't have this at school?

Go On, do share your list, or comment on the items here.


Onkar said...

nice list

Manish Raj said...

..just let them be themselves.. come on.. stop this list :)

How do we know said...

1. Medical Knowledge
2. First Aid
3. Quizzing