Sunday, October 06, 2013

my intolerant india

Why is it, that its perfectly legit to criticise some religions, and "intolerant" to even discuss some others?

I demand  the right to discuss the principles and practices of all religions with equal freedom. Not as a politician, but as a sociology student. These principles and practices affect the tapestry of the society we live in. Why can we not discuss them with candour?

Likewise, I think there is need for open debate on the various cultures from different parts of India, and how they contribute to the country that is India. Why is Bihar among the poorest? Why did Bangalore become the IT capital and not Hyderabad? How can we learn the lessons if we dont even speak! ?

All dimensions of society - religion, language, region, caste and others - contribute to the weave. We have a right to discuss each one of these dimensions - freely and openly. Not in closed drawing rooms where the negatives are whispered and the supposed positives are highlighted very loudly - without conviction.



kj said...

well hdwk, i certainly agree. does taking this position and saying so create trouble for you in your country? i hope not. america has a ton of problems but i speak my mind...


How do we know said...

hi kj: yes, unfortunately, some religions are "persecuted minorities" and therefore, they may not be discussed at all. likewise for some regions etc. its sad, but its true.