Sunday, July 08, 2012

positive images, anyone?

i know, this blog hasnt had an opinion for some time. but this is itching to get out. so bear with me here.

look around you. like, in a 360 degree angle. how many positive images do you see? how many negative ones? like skulls, jolly rogers, evil looking aliens et al? let me guess.. a lot more than you'd have seen even 10 years ago.

And thats the gripe. Why so much negativity in the images we put around us? Tattoos for instance - they are just images - they can be positive (smileys) and negative (jolly rogers). So why dont i see any tattoo studio advertising with smileys or positive images?

Why are childrens shows so gory? Why are children's play figurines so ferocious? Why do our TV channels not mind the most disgusting twists in the plot? Why is everything fair play for TRPs? Violence, gore, manipulation, anger?

I wish, really, that more companies would have old style packaging - like Yardley or M&S. I miss the roses on the packaging.. the soft hues and blushing colors..

*end of gripe*


Manish Raj said...

It's such a point.. we kids will get what we give..Good you see the difference..

Onkar said...

True, this negativity is sickening

Himanshu Tandon said...

Few things -

1. Tattoos are never meant for children and perhaps you will be surprised to know that here children are not even permitted inside the tattoo parlors. The facts reveal that butterflies and little red roses are the shapes that are most inked. So, you perhaps have more butterflies fluttering on lower waists than skulls on the forearms. :)

2. Pirate stories have always been a part of western fiction but perhaps so many 'Jolly Rogers' have surfaced after the Pirates of Caribbean' series . I have never seen a 'Jal-Dasyu' story published in Nandan or Chandamama (when I used to read them) But how do you explain the concept of good if you do not have a matching evil. Aren't Ramayana and Mahabharata equally violent? Don't these stories describe in detail how Kumbhkaran was killed and how all heads of Ravana fell to the ground or how Duryodhana's thighs were ripped by Bheem and how Draupadi washed her hair with blood... (Try that !!!) Visit a Kaali temple..isn't that part of culture too.. How do you escape the sight of Shiva with a snake, Maa Durga on a ferocious tiger, Kaali with a skull necklace..

3. I agree with TV shows and blood and gore in children shows these days.. and for these we really should have a rating system on the TV and parents can pick a 'G or PG' show to watch. To begin a rule just discard all Asian looking cartoons that are dubbed...:) and let me know if you need any Dora CDs

Enough 'opinionating' I guess. Don't be an 'Angry Bird' about it now and look around..hues are not all that's a positive thought to begin with..he he

How do we know said...

Hi Guruji: oh i could go on.. why are song lyrics so trashy? where did melody adn rhythm go? why is anyone proud of broken lyrics and broken music? Why are status msgs abt negative things, gossip "liked" and about good things "liked" less? no basically, beauty was a standard to be aspired to.. but somewhere along the way, we decided that aspirations are not needed. we are good just as we are. what do u think will happen to a people who dont have a goal any more?

Onkar sir: am glad we agree... at least someone else notices the absence of these things and misses them too :-)

Hi HT: It is not about things being gory individually.. its about the fact that we dont see a lot of positive images around us any more, and its likely to impact us as a group. Sure, for every negative thing you have pointed out, i could point out a positive from the same books. But thats not the idea. The idea is, what do we CHOOSE to surround ourselves with? And i am not comfortable with what we are choosing as a group. Thats all.