Wednesday, April 04, 2012

the witch goddess

are not a girl.
you are
a witch goddess.
it is your religion
to irretrievably break the hearts
placed at ur altar
so they can never
love, or dream, or hope again..

you, the thrasher of
all things hope
and the destroyer of
every ounce of unselfish love
in a heart..

will never know,
or realise, or care
how much bitterness
you brought into the world
when you broke
those hearts
in jest.


Himanshu Tandon said...

Amusing... I can recite it to few girls I pursued during school and college... :)

Wish I could have written something as well then.. tab puraane tape-recorder pe Mukesh ke dard bhare naghme hi kaam aaye... :)

On a serious note, beautifully worded.

Onkar said...

lovely poem

BK Chowla, said...

Nice,short and sweet

kj said...

i am sad to say who you have written about i have in my own parallel way known and been betrayed by. i know it is up to me to protect myself from people like this, even through the bonds of love. i have learned this and i don't think i will allow the entry of another person who cannot love kindly and authentically.

follow me, hawk. leave it behind...


aparna said...

I make my own destiny,
and you, with your assumptions,
took the liberty,
set your dreams for me,
you took my smiles and pity,
and started strangling it.

If i were to break free again,
had to fly in my own open skies,
i had to break what held me,
and smiled
when i knew you would too.
someday, when you find your own skies.

you, with your assumptions,
saw my love as deep,
and dived into Oceans.
You with your tears,
drowned me.

How do we know said...

hi HT :-)

Onkar ji and Chowla sir: thank you.

Hi kj: your comments are always so ... touching and personal... leaving it behind now :-)

Hi aparna: was that a rejoinder? it was nice!

Anonymous said...

Hmm well said.. The witch goddess can turn over a new leaf and bring succour to many or some who do need it.. happens so many times. in life.. bitterness turns into something beautiful and ethereal... life blossoms... sunshine falls brightly.. the witch truly becomes a goddess..