Saturday, April 21, 2012

the user of metaphors in indian poetry.. part II

After Sanskrit literature, we find a long time when the major part of the literature was in pali or prakrit.

This article speaks about the literature in general and metaphors in the passing.

but my interest is in the new metaphors brought in from the west - in particular, the middle ages. after this , we come to the bhakti movement, which is full of simple metaphors , taken from everyday life, and being used to explain deep spiritual concepts. these are my personal favorites in indian literature. imho, after kalidasa, the metaphor really saw its days of glory in the bhakti movement.
among others..
To this day, i find modern indian poetry replete with metaphors. Be it Manjeet Kaur Tiwana's "ladkiyaan" or Adee's Ainak and who can forget Gulzar's amazing use of parallels to draw pictures in our minds..

My all time time favorite use of metaphor?
Amrita Pritam's this couplet:

Ek dard hai, jo maine cigarette ki tarah piya hai,
kuchh nazmein hain, jo raakh ki tarah jhaadi hain..

and this one:
nazm kabhi kagaz ko dekhe
aur yun munh mode,
jyun kagaz paraya mard hota hai..


there.. my ode to metaphors and the beauty they bring to life.. is done.. for now.


Onkar said...

Beautiful lines

Anonymous said...

Very well put.. here is one that I love..

All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.

Khalil Gibran

How do we know said...

onkar sir: thank you!!

Anonymous: oh Gibran is the king of beautiful metaphors.. :-)