Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sandeep Anand

Somewhere, there is a LinkedIn profile that will not get updated. There is a facebook profile that will not see any more status messages. And there are 2 very young children who will never go to temple again with their father.
Because that father is no more. He passed away this morning. He was a colleague. And a friend.
His wife is responsible for the design of the Esha site. And the CLABIL site. And now, for their 2 children.

Nothing can be said for a moment like this. Nothing at all.


Onkar said...

Yes, these are the occasions when words fail us. My condolences.

kj said...

i am very sorry. you have used few words to convey something very deep. the older i get, the more i recognize heartbreak.

i will pray for your colleague's children and family,


Z said...

I am so sorry.

ramlal said...

Really Sad

EXSENO said...

I wish that I had some magical words that would help to heal your friends pain, but being a person who lost her husband I can feel her pain.
There is no wonderful cure for her broken heart, but one.
And that one thing is time.

Lot's of time.

You Know Me Very Well said...

my deepest condolenses and prayers for his family... and you take care dear as I know it cant be very easy losing friends... and they will be part of us forever..

My sincere prayers for his children...

Vivek said...

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Pinku said...

this is so sad.

does your friend's family need any help that I could provide?

prayinging for strength and peace for all.