Thursday, June 02, 2011

कुछ बातें..

कुछ बातें
इन्द्रधनुष सी
सतरंगी, खुशनुमा,
सात सपने ले कर आती,
सात सपने हम में जगाती

कुछ बातें
ज्यूँ मटमैले कपडे
धो कर, सुखा कर ,
तब भली लगें

कुछ बातें
कबीर के दोहे सी
छोटी, गहरी॥

कुछ बातें
कविता सी
पूरी भी,
अधूरी भी...


Swati said...

absolutely lovely ..agree with every word

kj said...

all i can say is ♥

rainboy said...

amazing... :)

Himanshu Tandon said...

Good one..couldn't help adding some more..

कुछ बातें
धडकनों से बंधी
साँसों सी खामोश,
अविरल बहती

कुछ बातें
उँगलियों से लिखी
आँखों से बहती
रहें अनकही...

Richa said...

Wow! Super! :)

How do we know said...

Hi Swati: Thank you!

Hi kj: You could understand this?? Wow!

Hi rainboy: Thank you. Why have u been out of circulation?

Hi Himanshu: now THAT left me speechless.. totally! And the juxtaposition of the 2 situations.

Hi Richa: Thank you! :-)

rainboy said...

been busy , had no time... found love in photography ,I guess I will try to make more time , at least one post a month :)
take care
the smell awaits you :D

Amrita said...

kuch baatein.. kavita si

Onkar said...

Silken poem. How smooth, how beautiful !

How do we know said...

Hi Himanshu: I m still thinking of the 2 that you added.. in every way, you have lent meaning to the words.. kavita jaisi, poori bhi, adhoori bhi.. :-) Thank you!

Hi Rainboy: God to c u back. Tonite to the smell blog :-)

Hi Amrita: Where r u?

Onkar Sir: Thank you!

Pinku said...

kuch baatein woh jo dil ki deewaron par unmit lariyaa ankit kar jati.

saath chita ke hi jal pati.

awesome lines HDWK....came here after a long time to be greeted with this beautiful surprise. :)

rainboy said...

Sure the smell would love to see you there... I am going to be reading a lot of blogs tonight ;)

and BTW are u on fb ?