Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Female foeticide

Thats all this post is about. I was once moronic enough to believe that once they have to pay for their wives, they will start to respect their girls.
Then, Annie Zaidi blogged about the Shakti Vahini report which states that less women means even more exploitation. And a bomb exploded somewhere within. Of Course! They will buy the wives, but exploit them even more, and kill the daughters all the same so no one "else" can exploit them. What was i thinking??

Its important to save the girl child. And the woman. And her self respect. And her financial freedom. And her education. And her right to nutrition.
In an MBA style diagram, these would be the parts that make up a wheel like diagram. Because without one of them, the whole structure will collapse. It doesnt matter which part of the circle you start to protect, it will help save all the other parts of the structure.

As Gurdas Mann puts it so beautifully.... रब दे कम विच विघ्न पौगा, धी न मार दयो वे लोको, धी ना मार दयो॥ (It will impede God's work if you kill a daughter. Don't do it.) (What he means is, without a daughter, God will not be able to continue the Human race. Dont do it.)

It takes a lot to write this post while i am still grieving the loss of Tejaswee... but it had to be done..


BK Chowla, said...

It is not a difficult task to succeed in achieving this.
Save girl child is only a political slogan and unless the civil society comes forward, no change will take place.It needs a concentrated effort for few people to start a serious campagin.

ChoxBox said...
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rainboy said...

very sad that this still happens in this century

Anonymous said...

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