Sunday, May 09, 2010

Well Done Abba - Film Review

A Shyam Benegal movie after ages. Minissha Lamba, Boman Irani in the cast. And why did i miss it? Because the paper review said so. This is the second good film i have missed because of the paper review. Paper, go hang urself. No, actually, yours truly should hang self. For listening to a paper whose paper ream is of more value than the contents thereof.

And what made one realise one's pigheadedness? An sms at 2330 hours from a friend. "Don't miss Well Done Abba at any cost." At 2330 hours?? Sigh! Newspaper, are you recruiting? Please hire my friend as your film critic.

Anyhoo, Well Done Abba is BRILLIANT film. In every sense of the word.

If you have not seen it yet.. please do. This is one of the finest films this year. Or ever.


BK Chowla, said...

It is a very fine picture I sa w in months.
It is so real and is a slap on the face of the Govt and Babus.
But SHARAM word doesn't exist for them.

Manish Raj said...

Will surely watch it then...

how are you ? how are the days going ? hectic ? new projects ?

sorry i have been keeping away...have traveled and read a lot in between...will try meeting you all when i am in gurgaon..

take care.keep in touch..

How do we know said...

Chowla sir: Well, what can one say..

Guruji: hectic .. u can say that again! read abt ur Vaishno Devi trip. must have been fun.